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Where to Find the Best Ideas for a College Essay

In college, you are usually required to write an informative essay with a fascinating, unique, and interesting topic. Studying in college you will write rhetorical essays, compositions analysis, expository texts, and discursive essays that are much more complex than at school. Sometimes students should write essays as an entrance exam to university, that is why you should always improve your writing skills.

If you are given a task in college to write an essay on a free topic, use useful tips to help you choose an interesting and easy to study topic. The best way to find an essay topic is to look for it through reflection.

Choose Topics That Are Related to You

You can use your unique experience gained at the school desk and in daily life to generate an interesting essay topic. You have a chance to express your thoughts and emotions in a, for example, persuasive essay. To share thoughts that worry you every day you should try to choose essay topics related to your positive experience. You need to demonstrate your critical thinking and analytical skills. Write what you think the admissions committee or teacher needs to know about you. Talk about your hobbies, values, to present yourself favorably.

Since you are still quite young, you probably do not have a serious job in your chosen specialty, because you have just finished school and had many exams. But you need to remember any personal experience that describes you as a hardworking, responsible person. You can also describe what challenges you gave yourself, in what areas you improved your knowledge.

When you choose essay topics that apply to you personally, you show teachers your confidence and ability to think logically. For example, you can express your opinion on the greenhouse effect and how to deal with this problem. Then you will show yourself as an intelligent person who cares about nature.

Try to avoid choosing a topic that is not familiar to you at all. If you have a task with a deadline it is better to spend energy on writing on a topic you are good at, rather than spending time on research and processing different unknown material. You can devote the precious time to work on your English: start upgrading your vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. All the aspects are the components of your writing skills.

Avoid topics that are quite ambiguous, as this will complicate the process of selecting arguments. Some areas are contradictory and are better not to choose, such as religion or politics. By describing a topic, you may accidentally offend the feelings of believers or make mistakes when analyzing political events and thus misinform readers.


The technique of brainstorming is usually used in creative teams who are trying to find solutions to different problems. Brainstorming is frequently used at work. It helps to gather up all possible options of implementing, for example, an interesting idea. Brainstorming gives a team the possibility to listen to all the opinions and choose the best idea. But you can brainstorm without a team of colleagues, the technique will still bring you success.  The idea is to ask yourself a lot of different questions and find creative answers to them quickly. The method will provide you with the best essay ideas. For instance, try to think «what is the best essay idea for my essay?». Write down all the ideas on the paper and go on with the chain of logical questions.

This experiment will not only help you come up with an easy topic. Brainstorming will cause your neural connections to become tense and thus you will develop skills to work in stressful situations and will make you more resilient.

Design of Predicted Obstacles

Besides brainstorming you can train your brain and improve creativity in many other ways. An interesting exercise for training the imagination, which will be useful when choosing the topic of the essay is the design of predicted obstacles.

This method can be used to improve stress resistance, the ability to think logically and balance in an extreme situation. Think about your problems and try to build step-by-step guidance about how to solve them. The higher the step stair you build, the deeper you will understand your problems and be able to solve them without any difficulty. Analyze your results and write an essay based on this data or use it as a good argument for any other scientific topic. A creative mind will help you learn how to stand out from your classmates, find unique ideas and impress the teacher with your originality.

Choose the Idea That Requires Fewer Reflections

It is necessary to remember the size of the essay because you need to express an opinion within certain limits. You need to choose specific words that accurately describe the situation because the essay is a small text that should contain a large number of examples, research, and arguments. Try to formulate the idea succinctly and compress the sentence without losing the meaning of the idea you want to implement.


Always weigh your ability to create a structured narrative from the information of your chosen topic. Most often, the essay consists of an expositional part, the main one, which contains your argumentative position, and the conclusion.

Speaking of structure, you should inform readers about what will be discussed in the essay in the introduction, express your opinion with arguments in the body and summarize in conclusion. Each paragraph should start with the lead sentence.

Consider the Type of the Essay

When choosing a topic, you should consider the type of essay, because each has the characteristics that may make it special to present content and information. For example, the rhetorical analysis does not use a lot of artistic means but is more focused on facts, so this should also be taken into account. When you need to write an essay on a topic, do not make unfounded assumptions. Always explain your opinion.




Jeff Campbell