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Moving Accommodation – Tips for Tenants

Whether you’ve recently purchased your dream home or will soon be renting a new flat in a different area, moving accommodation can be extremely exciting. Although moving accommodation has many positives, it’s normal to feel somewhat apprehensive too. After all, there are many aspects to consider, such as how you’ll organize your new living space, whether you’ll decorate, and if you’ve got everything you need to make yourself feel at home.

If you’re moving soon, we’re here to make the process easier with our moving accommodation tips for tenants. Ready to find out more? Let’s dive in.

Create a Checklist

When it comes to moving accommodation, one thing that can ease the process and reduce any potential stress is creating a moving checklist. While it might sound simple, a checklist can help you keep everything under control, not to mention organized.

To create your checklist, think about everything you need to do before, during, and after moving. For example, before moving, your checklist could include:

  • Buy boxes and tape
  • Arrange a removal service
  • Pack one room at a time
  • Label boxes
  • Redirect your mail.

During moving, you might like to add the following to your checklist:

  • Clean all rooms once boxes have been removed
  • Check that all electrical switches off
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked
  • Hand keys back to the landlord or estate agent
  • Travel to new accommodation
  • Unload removal van
  • Unpack room by room.

After unpacking, a checklist can help you make yourself feel more at home, too. This list could include:

  • Hang artwork or pictures with picture rail hooks
  • Paint or add wallpaper
  • Arrange furniture.

Don’t forget to let other people know that you’re moving. Here’s a handy guide that shares who you’ll need to tell.

Declutter Your Belongings

When it comes to moving, there’s nothing worse than arriving at your new home weighed down with items that you’ve not used for years. For this reason, another one of our moving accommodation tips for tenants is decluttering your belongings.

As you get closer to your moving date and begin packing, consider what’s worth taking with you and what’s not. For example, if you’ve got a box of clothes that has been sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe for a while, why not have a look through it and see what could be donated to charity?

In addition to offering you more space in your new home, decluttering is proven to enhance lifestyle and well-being. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that after moving home?

Unpack Room by Room

Once you’ve moved into your new accommodation, the next step is to begin unpacking. Although it can seem tempting to unpack as you go, our helpful moving accommodation tips for tenants include unpacking room by room.

Rather than trying to unpack different boxes that belong in different rooms all at once, unpacking a room at a time means you can get a room finished and tick it off of your checklist.

Unpacking room by room can also be beneficial when it comes to keeping each room neat and tidy. Once you’ve finished unpacking, you can remove any empty boxes and wrapping material out of sight.

Organize Your Storage Space

There’s nothing worse than not knowing where things belong when you first move, which is why we just had to mention organizing your storage space in our moving accommodation tips for tenants.

From your kitchen cupboards and drawers to your wardrobe and bathroom cabinets, organizing your storage space during and after moving accommodation can make a world of difference. Not only will all your belongings have their own place in your home, but you’ll know exactly where they are when you need them, preventing a major moving headache.

Decorate Your New Accommodation

Finally in our moving accommodation tips for tenants is decorating your new home. At first, your new home may not feel like yours, but adding your favorite furnishings and artwork can help create a welcoming and personal atmosphere in each room.

Whether you’ve purchased your home or are renting, hanging pictures can add personal touches to your walls. Likewise, adding artwork can create a vibrant or laid-back atmosphere for you to enjoy.

If decorating using the traditional hook or nail doesn’t work for you, picture rail hooks are a great alternative to other hanging methods. They don’t need to be attached to the wall, nor do they cause any damage. You can even switch up your artwork and fully customize your hanging system to suit your taste.

To Conclude

From organizing your space to creating helpful checklists, we hope that our moving accommodation tips for tenants will support you before, during, and after your relocation. As moving signifies new starts and changes, remember to take a moment to pause and enjoy the process too.


Jeff Campbell