Native English Speakers Can Help You Build Your Linguistic Abilities

There are plenty of reasons to learn English later in life. Some people must learn for school, others for work, and some people learn for the sheer fun and challenge of learning a new language. A Germanic language with Romance and Latinate influences, English is notoriously tricky for people to pick up, especially later in life and as a second language.

Its grammar, rules, and vocabulary are remarkably eclectic and often lack internal consistency. If you are a non-native English speaker or English student, no lesson is complete without a native speaker to guide you in your journey to English mastery! Online tutors can elevate your English learning experience, providing support that language apps can’t, at a fraction of the cost of university classes or in-person tutoring sessions.

Some Global English Language Statistics

Statista shows that nearly 1.5 billion people speak English; however, most of those speakers picked up English as a foreign language. In fact, only about 360 million people speak English natively. 212 million of those live throughout Europe.

How Can English Fluency Help Me? 

English is spoken in many countries across the globe, meaning that English fluency can help you secure a job at a multinational company, either locally or overseas. Typically considered to be “the language of commerce,” English is also the unofficial language of diplomacy, the internet, and tourism.

English is considered a “lingua franca”; a language commonly used to bridge the gap between two people with different native languages. All kinds of doors open for those who are willing to spend the resources to master the English language.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone—you can find plenty of experienced, professional tutors on websites like

Few languages are as fraught with internal inconsistency as English. There are some rules that even fluent or native English speakers understand intuitively, but may not have been taught formally. An example of this is the order in which descriptors are applied. The order should always be: opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, and purpose. Homonyms are also notoriously difficult or early learners. For example, “bow” can refer to the act of bowing, or it can refer to a bit of cloth tied a particular way, or it can refer to a weapon that makes use of arrows.

Should I Prioritize Finding A Native English Speaking Tutor? 

Native English speakers can be an invaluable asset to any student’s learning experience, but especially those who are attempting to pick up English later in life, as a second language. Teachers who grew up speaking English have a fundamentally different relationship to the language than do teachers who picked English up as a foreign language. Native English speakers often have a deeper, more thorough cultural exposure, and can bring a nuance and expertise to tutoring sessions that may otherwise be lacking.

This doesn’t mean that non-native English speakers necessarily have an inferior grasp on the technicalities of the language, like vocab or grammar. However, if non-native speakers haven’t lived extensively in an English-speaking area, or haven’t spent years immersed in the language, the quality of their linguistic mastery is simply going to be different. Lucky for you, Eurekly collects experienced, professional tutors from a variety of linguistic and experiential backgrounds. You’ll be sure to find the right teacher for you!

What are the Benefits of Online Tutoring? 

Private online tutoring comes with all the perks of face-to-face lessons, and all the convenience and accessibility of online learning. Since the global pandemic, online learning has been further normalized, as many children around the world were forced to use Zoom or similar applications in place of in-person classes.

Unlike a classroom environment, private tutoring means that you receive one-on-one attention from a qualified professional. The student sets the pace, the focus of the classes, the regularity of sessions, and the exact times. Private tutoring conforms to the student’s wants and desires, and is far more customizable than in-person learning or standard classrooms.

No longer simply the domain of the highly privileged, private tutoring is more accessible than ever. You don’t have to worry about local scarcity of in-person tutors, nor their tight schedules and high prices. Because the realm of online tutoring is such a populated and competitive world, online tutors often have prices as low as $10 per session.

Where Can I Find an Online English Tutor? is an ideal place to find a private, online English teacher that can serve as an invaluable asset on your linguistic journey. On Eurekly’s simple, intuitive front page, all you have to do is type in your subject of choice, and you’re off to the races. From there, you can also sort by languages known, present location, price point, and availability.

Some tutors even offer free trial lessons, so you can be sure you’re the right fit for each other. Don’t put off your English language goals for one more day—browse Eurekly’s collection of rigorously vetted professional tutors, and get started on your journey to language mastery now.


Jeff Campbell