Parenting Tips For A Stress-Free Day At Wimbledon

Wimbledon is perhaps the most popular tennis tournament, and fans from across the globe have it on their bucket lists. In fact, even people who aren’t true tennis buffs want to experience the thrill of being a part of the event that pulls the Royals and celebs from the sports and entertainment industries. However, you may feel apprehensive about planning a trip to Wimbledon with your kids in tow. But your parenting duties shouldn’t stop you from realizing your dream as a tennis lover. Here are a few tips for parents to survive a day at Wimbledon with kids.

Avoid going with babies and toddlers

Planning a trip to Wimbledon with kids is about the right timing. The best piece of advice is to avoid bringing babies and toddlers because they may feel uncomfortable. Moreover, dealing with a tantrum is the last thing you want to do at a crowded venue. You will not have to buy tickets for children under five, but they are not allowed inside Show Courts. Let your kids grow up enough to enjoy the match with you.

Check the rules

Wimbledon is famous for its rules and regulations as the traditions continue. You cannot miss out on the etiquette as a spectator, so check the rules before planning a trip with your kids. You cannot let them make noise or create distractions in the stands. Also, you must keep an eye on them throughout because visitors cannot leave kids below 16 unattended. Besides checking the rules, get your children on the same page about them.

Arrange the tickets beforehand

Tickets are hard to get, specifically through the ballot draws. The chances are minimal, though you can stand in the queue on reaching the venue. But it isn’t the wisest approach because kids can get impatient waiting for the queue to move, and there is no assurance of getting the ticket. However, you can check here to buy debenture tickets online before the event begins. Although debenture tickets cost significantly more than the other options, they are easy to get and offer premium benefits.

Be ready to deal with the crowds

Another parenting tip for parents touring Wimbledon with children is to be ready to deal with the crowds. You can expect young kids to feel overwhelmed due to the rush. Moreover, there is always a risk of losing track of each other in crowded areas. Prepare your children well enough to deal with such unexpected disasters. Ensure they know your contact number and educate them about seeking help if they lose their way.

Enjoy the trip

Even as you may encounter several challenges when visiting Wimbledon with kids, you must make the most of the experience. Have fun on the courts and enjoy the buzz on the grounds. Relish the famous strawberries and cream because your kids will definitely love it. A visit to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum should also be on your wishlist. Remember to take them to the Polka Theatre as well.

A family trip to Wimbledon is the best gift for your children, but you must plan everything for a perfect one. Follow these tips to have a stress-free experience at the venue.

Jeff Campbell