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The PetClever Meow! Box: Your Cat’s Favorite Subscription

Almost everything has a subscription service now. Meal preparation, video game content, movies, makeup, even international candies can be sent to your home every month at the click of a button with a small monthly fee, or yearly cost if that’s more your style.

But, there’s another service even still that’s beginning to gain popularity: subscription boxes for our furry cats.

The best subscription box for cats is the PetClever Meow! Box.

There are several reasons why that is, and if you’re a cat lover and want your precious kitties to be as happy as can be, you should continue reading and see if this subscription is something you need to add to your furbaby’s life!

What’s Included in the Meow! Box?

What gets included in your Meow! Box depends on the box type you choose: regular or deluxe.

Your first deluxe box will contain several fantastic items from PetClever. These include a self-grooming brush, teaser and catnip toys, an electric teaser toy, a ten-piece interactive toy set, and more!

There’s something for every kitty play type in this first box, and each month you will get new items to use during playtime with your cat.

The normal Meow! Box contains between four and five items per box.

These are the same high-quality items you’d receive in the deluxe box, just fewer of them. The deluxe Meow! Box has two to three items more than the normal box does. In both cases, your cat will get a fun-filled box of toys every month that are sure to keep them excited!

How Much Will the PetClever Meow! Box Cost?

The deluxe box is valued at over $50, and the monthly subscription cost for this deluxe toy chest being delivered directly to your door is only $30.99.

Your savings increase if you commit to a year’s worth of subscription services, which lowers the cost to $26.99 per month for the deluxe box. This is only six dollars more than the normal box’s yearly cost of $20.99.

The breakdown for these boxes is as follows:

Regular Meow! Box Deluxe Meow! Box
Monthly $25.99 $30.99
Six-Month Commitment $23.99 $28.99
Yearly Commitment $20.99 $26.99

Those aren’t bad numbers when you consider that some of the toys, like their bouncy ball interactive toy, are handmade, and that all of the toys are tailored to be particularly engaging for even the most discerning kitties.

What About Shipping and Service?

Here’s a fantastic perk you’re sure to love: you don’t have to pay for shipping on any of your subscribed Meow! Boxes. All you’re paying is the cost of the subscription and any applicable taxes, which may vary based on your location.

The subscription service is meant to be as stress-free as possible.

The payments are handled through ReCharge, which is a company dedicated to subscription services. They’re highly-regarded and trusted with a fantastic customer service team.

Your cat subscription box will be shipped directly to your doorstep and, in the event you want to cancel for whatever reason, they make that easy, too.

In addition to ReCharge’s services, PetClever itself has a happy, helpful service staff that would be excited to answer any questions you may have about their Meow! Box, or any of their other wonderful products!

They carry many other items for your feline like cat clothes, fountains, and even cat mugs – check some out.

Jeff Campbell