Podcasts & Blogs I Love

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There’s a million other bloggers and podcasters out there.  Too many to mention or even to listen to.  These, however, are among my many favorites and what I listen to daily on my commute.

PAT FLYNN – The man largely responsible for motivating me to create this blog.  He has 2 podcasts and a blog.  His main podcast is called Smart Passive Income, but his newer podcast Ask Pat is also great (and great for shorter trips since each episode (he does 5/week) is short.  The latter is also cool as its nothing but listener questions that he then answers.  Upload your question today!  His podcasts are required listening for anyone looking to start a blog, podcast or any type of online business and while there’s many who operate in this space, he is my favorite.

THE BLOG MILLIONAIRE – Whereas Pat covers content and philosophy and then to a lesser degree the more technical aspects of online business, Brandon Gaille focuses on the technical aspects (SEO, link building, etc).  VERY good stuff here and extremely detailed and actionable steps for any blogger, podcaster or anyone looking to create an online business!  His podcast seems to have ended in 2016 but his blog and social networks are going strong and there’s a TON of good stuff on the podcast episodes still out there.

EOFIRE – Short for Entrepreneur on Fire, this is the DAILY (don’t know how he does such amazing work in such high volume) podcast by the very inspirational John Lee Dumas.  JLD covers a wide variety of subjects with a wide variety of guests, but the common denominators are great insight, great tips and it’s always highly motivating.

THE TONY ROBBINS PODCAST – Hopefully a man who needs no introduction!  Tony has been motivating, challenging & inspiring people to new heights for over 3 decades now.  On his podcast he interviews a wide variety of people with the common denominator being you come away fired up to take your life and your career to new levels!

DAVE RAMSEY – A man who likely needs no introduction.  Money and poor handling of money is the number 1 cause of divorce in America.  ‘Nuff said.  If your financial house is not in order, give him a listen!  You can also see Dave on my list of Books I Love and you can read about my family’s personal journey out of debt following Dave’s principals called 5 Great Ways to Improve Your Finances & Save Your Future!