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How to Prevent Product Damage at Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Product damage is a part of warehouse storage. Things are going to be damaged once in a while. Unfortunately, in many warehouses, product damage is more frequent and can lead to worker injuries, a loss in profits, and a poor business image. Thankfully, there are things that can be done to help prevent product damage and protect everything stored in the warehouse. Some of the best tips for preventing damage at warehouses and distribution centers include the following ideas. 

Work With Professionals 

Going through the warehouse and pinpointing the biggest issues to correct isn’t always as easy as it seems. Instead, companies like provide assistance to managers who would like to prevent damage as much as possible in their warehouses. Working with a professional offers the opportunity to learn more about what should and shouldn’t be done, how pallets should be stacked, and a lot more. 

Load Products Safely

Each pallet should be stacked appropriately to avoid it being heavier on one side. After this, make sure the pallets are stacked to prevent issues in the warehouse. There are various methods for stacking pallets to look into, depending on the layout of the warehouse, safety requirements, and other considerations. It is a good idea to pick one method and stick to it so all pallets are stacked the same way. 

Secure Loaded Pallets

Before stacking any pallets, make sure the items are secured to them. This can be done by using shrinkwrap around the entire pallet. The goal is mainly to help hold items in place so nothing falls off while the pallet is being raised, lowered, or moved to a new location. This helps to prevent injuries to workers as well as damaged products because proper wrapping prevents individual boxes from falling. 

Provide Proper Training

Anyone who drives a pallet jack should have the proper certification to do so. Everyone who works in the warehouse should be trained in how to store and move pallets safely to help prevent injuries as well as damages. This certification should be done when someone is hired as well as regularly for everyone working in the warehouse so safe practices stay on everyone’s mind. 

Move Products Safely

All products should be moved according to safety measures put in place by the warehouse. It is imperative to make sure employees are not taking shortcuts or forgetting any of the safety measures put in place, as this can lead to items being damaged or to injuries for those who work there. Regular training helps with making sure everyone knows what to do and proper management makes sure the safety rules are followed. 

Install Safety Products

There are guards for railings and other safety products that can be installed in a warehouse to prevent crashes or other issues that could cause products to be damaged. Look into the options available to determine what would be the right fit for the warehouse and what can help minimize any potential issues. 

While damaged products will happen occasionally, they shouldn’t happen frequently. If products are being damaged too often, it’s time to look into what can be changed to prevent this from happening. Work with a professional and use the tips here to make the warehouse safer and help protect the products being stored.

Jeff Campbell