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Marriage Resources

If your marriage is struggling (been there, done that), these are some books, courses, and solutions that can help make a good marriage great or even possibly save one from the brink of divorce (also been there, done that).


By far my favorite course on saving a marriage is from well-known author and YouTuber Brad Browning. Brad’s course is called Mend the Marriage and literally thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of marriages have been saved by going through this course.

It’s designed to take a marriage from the brink of divorce back to being great, even if one of you isn’t sure you even want to try.

Mend the Marriage (click to learn more and watch his free video)


Nothing provides better peace of mind for you and your spouse than knowing each of you and kids, if you have them, will be taken care of in the event of the unthinkable.

My wife and just finished making our mutual will that was specific to Texas where we live and it was incredibly easy and inexpensive.

We just went to US Legal Forms and had the right forms for our state downloaded in seconds.

A mutual will is one you do together, but they have plenty of other options if you each want your own will. Specifiy EXACTLTY what you want to happen in the event one or both of you pass away, and sleep easier knowing that if that happens, your family will have 1 less stressful thing to deal with.


Dr. John Gottman is my favorite marriage expert bar none. In fact, his book called The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work may literally have been what started my wife and I to have a healthy marriage instead of a destructive one.

He has many other books too, but that’s my top recommendation.

Beyond that, I also really like the concept of different love languages and understanding that each of us has different ways of showing and expressing love. Thus learning what our love language is and what our spouse’s love language is are hugely important to better understanding one another.

The book that originated that concept is The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman.

What I really want to recommend though is for you to get both of those books on audiobook for free!

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