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Travel Resources

Booking travel is sometimes a pain.

Different sites have different prices. Sometimes flight times and prices change from one search to the next. It can get complicated when all we really want is to book a relaxing vacation to get away from it all!

With a family of 5, I know just how complicated traveling can be; especially with kids.

So I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite travel resources here to hopefully minimize the effort you’ll have to make while maximizing the savings.


There’s a lot of websites for booking airlines.

Some, like Hotwire, don’t always let you select the exact flight time. Some won’t show you only non-stop flights. Others, like Priceline name your own price, make you bid endlessly only to sometimes never even get the flight you want.

CheapOair is different.

You get an incredibly easy search and booking feature AND you get the best deals and rock bottom prices on flights! As an example, right now they have flights from Dallas to Vegas for only $101!

Flying last minute? You’ll find even better deals!

Check out CheapOair (click to learn more) and see how much you can save on your next flight


If you don’t know Travelocity, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

They are practically the originators of booking online travel, but they are still at the top of the list. Hotels, rental cars, flights, cruises, or whole vacation packages; Travelocity does it all!

While I have used them for booking almost every travel expense, I most often use them for hotels as I love their website interface better than others and always find a great hotel at a great price.

Check out Travelocity (click to learn more) and see what little piece of paradise you can find!


While my wife and I have stayed in hotels plenty, our favorite way to stay is to rent a house from VRBO.

You can see pictures, descriptions, and reviews just like you can with hotels, but unlike a hotel, you get to rent a whole house. You know it’s safe because all payments are handled by the site and they have 24/7 support.

Whole houses often come with full kitchens, private pools, private driveways, and no common walls with noisy neighbors. Once you stay in a private home, you might never go back to a hotel!

While VRBO isn’t the 1st company to do this and they arguably aren’t the best known, I have always found them to have the best selection at the best price and they don’t rent out the futon in a 1 bedroom apartment; just great homes!

Check out Vacation Rental by Owner (click to learn more) and see if it doesn’t become your favorite new way to stay!


I’ve rented cars from almost every rental car company out there. Some are OK, some are terrible and most fall somewhere in between.

National Car rental gives you the security of using one of the best known rental car brands out there, combined with an A rating with the BBB, 1500 locations worldwide, rewards points for free rental days, and the Emerald Club which allows you to skip the line at the counter and go right to your car.

Check out National Rental Car (click to learn more) and book your next car!

or my other favorite site for rental cars is Hotwire.

While I don’t like booking airfare on Hotwire since you can’t specify the exact flight, and doing hotels through them is sometimes a little frustrating since you can’t see the hotel name, they are GREAT for a great rental car at a low price.

Just select your city, the kind of car you want, and you’ll see rock bottom prices, often well below every other site out there.

Check out and see how cheap your next rental car can be!


Travel Rent-free As A House Sitter Anywhere In The World.

Want to go on vacation, but funds are a little tight? I hear you and have been there! It might surprise you, but believe it or not, there are awesome houses all over the world right now in need of house-sitters.

And you can be one of them!

Housecarers Has Been Securely Matching Homeowners With Housesitters Since October 2000. So why pay for lodging when you can simply stay in a great place and keep an eye on it for the owner?

Interested? Check out Housecarers (click to learn more) and see some great houses looking for people just like you!


If you follow my posts at all, chances are you’ve seen how much my family and I love to visit Costa Rica and Mexico.

None of us are fluent in Spanish (not even my wife who is half-Mexican) and while you don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to have a great time in those countries, wouldn’t it be awesome to know Spanish?

Not traveling to a Latin country? They also have courses for Japanese, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and many others!

Interactive audio lessons, flash cards, cultural lessons and a 27/7 lifetime access are just a few of the reasons that people LOVE Rocket Languages.

They even offer a free trial, so what do you have to lose?

Interested? Check out Rocket Languages (click to learn more) and start finally learning Spanish today!