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Want to Set a Good Example to Your Kids? Here’s How

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There so much pressure to do things right when you bring a child into the world; we want to ensure they grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive members of society.

The way we raise them when they’re young has a massive impact on what kind of person they’re likely to be later on; we are the most significant influential forces in our children’s lives. In their early years, they learn almost everything about the world from us. However, being a parent really isn’t about having a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude. Instead, we need to inspire our children with our own actions, and let them see us living by the rules we’ve set.

Here are a few ways we can set a good example for our children.

Healthy lifestyle

We’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic, there’s no denying it as the statistics speak for themselves. Sedentary jobs combined with easy access to unhealthy food has been a recipe for disaster in our society.

However, just because many people have found themselves struggling with their weight, doesn’t mean your child will automatically go the same way. If anything, they’re at an advantage as you can put steps in place to avoid things like food addiction and a love of unhealthy meals.

Make healthy, home-cooked meals every evening which your kids will grow to love (even if they go through picky phases). Meals that contain lots of hidden veg are always a winner when it comes to getting the good stuff in kids. 

Have a strong work ethic

Having a strong work ethic doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be out of the house working if you’re a stay at home parent you can still instill this in your children.

Being organized, getting through your tasks and not stopping until the job is done can teach kids a lot. If you’re a stay at home parent, how about taking on an online course where you can learn about things like leadership styles and improve your skills and knowledge too. Seeing you studying hard will benefit children who will likely mirror your behavior later on, plus it improves your job prospects when you decide to return to work.

Encourage ambition, ask your children what they want to be when they’re older and tell them what kinds of steps they will need to take to achieve that goal. It doesn’t matter if the career choice changes; it’s about planning and having aspirations. 

Be polite and respectful to others

All of us want our children to grow up being courteous and respectful; these truly are essential qualities to have and are crucial for getting through life successfully. A lot of your children’s attitudes and the way they learn to speak to and socialize with others will come from you and will be learned from you at a young age.

Always remember that your children are much more observant than you might think, every interaction you make they’ll be learning and modeling themselves from you. If you want them to be polite, then make sure you’re polite yourself.

Jeff Campbell