Set Up Your Home For the Holidays in 6 Simple Steps

When you look at all of your friends’ homes on social media a wave of panic starts to surge through your body. You feel so behind with the festivities, because you simply haven’t had time to think about it yet. You love the holiday season and gathering all of your loved ones in your home, so you want to be as prepared as possible. Creating a fully staged and set up home for the winter may seem like a huge task ahead of you, but when you break it down into smaller subsections the workload feels much easier to handle. The following six simple steps will give you a thoroughly stunning home that is ready for all of the fun and festivities!

  • Declutter

Getting rid of any unwanted clutter in your home is the first port of call, so it’s time to get donating! Decluttering your house is not only extremely therapeutic, but it will also help you make room for decorations, presents and other holiday related items that may be entering your home soon.

  • Deep Clean

A deep clean is the perfect step to take next when you’re setting up your home for the holiday season. Every area of your home needs to be thoroughly cleaned from the upstairs to the basement. Hiring a cleaning company will save you a tonne of time and make sure the job is done properly. Don’t forget about the outside ideas of your home and book in a pool service to make sure it’s deep cleaned with no debris.

  • Decorate 

Put up your decorations, get artistic and use your favorite crafty creations to make your home look festive and unique. From a glorious tall Christmas tree to twinkling outdoor lights; it’s the season to create a thing of beauty!

  • Rearrange

Move your furniture around so that your home is a more social place for the holidays. Whether you need to move around the sofas in your living area or bring some more chairs downstairs, try to make sure that your space is set up for all of your guests.

  • Stock Up

It’s time to stock up on food, drinks and everything scrumptious for your house, whether you’re stocking up on ingredients to create delicious holiday cocktails at home with your loved ones, or you’re cooking up a succulent roast turkey!

  • Refine

Finally, you need to add your own flair and finishing touches to your home so that your unique personality shines through. From signature scents in the hallway, to festive cushions on the couch, use your creative flair to add the final festive touch to your beautiful home.

Take your time to walk through each of these simple and quick tasks and your home will be ready to roll in no time. Setting up for the holidays is supposed to be a fun and exciting time, so try to find the joy in your upcoming project! Get people in your family to help you and look into local cleaning companies to help take some of the burden off your shoulders. Soon enough you’ll have a stunning set up in your home to be proud of this holiday season.

Jeff Campbell

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