Shopping for the Best Fireplace at Watson’s

Are you trying to make your home cozier? Adding a fireplace would make the atmosphere warmer and more welcoming.

Homeowners wish to install a hearth for different reasons, for the pleasure of it, for extra heating, or as the primary heating source. Nowadays, you don’t need a built-in hearth to enjoy such an atmosphere, given the available mounting options. Wood isn’t the only fuel source, as gas and electric models can be installed too.

See these shopping tips for buying the loveliest fireplace.

Consider the mounting options

Fireplace buyers at Watson’s are offered multiple mounting options based on functionality and appearance. There are wall-mounted, free-standing, and built-in hearth inserts. Wall-mounted models are mounted on walls and are usually surrounded by a mantel. In homes with chimneys, these structures can be connected with chimneys for easier ventilation.

Free-standing models are the easiest to install because of requiring little to no construction. They can be entirely free-standing or attached to walls in accordance with the fuel type. The following website,, features various fireplaces and accessories. Free-standing models can be of different styles and sizes to suit every space.

Built-in fireplace inserts can be added to existing structures or cabinets with plug-in power or hard-wiring. These are perfect for conversions from wood burning to gas, as it’s the simplest solution.

Check fuel types

Once you expand your knowledge on mounting options, you should get more informed on fuel types to determine the most appropriate one for your home. Each fuel option has its own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, gas fireplaces use either natural gas or liquid propane, which have to be connected to an outside source with a line.

If your home has a chimney, a vented model would be the ideal choice. The installation of these fireplaces is labor-intensive but provides excellent efficiency. Additionally, you’ll be able to look at real flames. In contrast, electric models rely on internal fans and heated coils to allow warmth distribution. Watching real flames isn’t really an option, but electric fireplaces are perfectly safe for children and pets.

Furthermore, the installation procedure is simple due to the absence of vents. Electric models are unquestionably the most cost-effective and energy-efficient. Conversely, gel fireplaces are increasing in popularity since ventilation isn’t required. The gel is purchased in cans, and it’s relatively expensive. Anyhow, you won’t have to pay any gas or electric bills. Go here to read about the pros and cons of gel fuel fireplaces.

Gel fuel models are perfect if you don’t plan to use them very often or you wish to move them around. Nevertheless, their look is very modern and sleek, which might not fit all types of design. Ultimately, wood fireplaces are the most classic option that reduces the heating bill of homeowners. If traditional experience is what you are searching for, you will get the traditional sound, smell, and look of burning wood.

Wood models, however, require plenty of maintenance and a traditional chimney. You must have them professionally cleaned and closely monitored to avoid safety threats. Families with children should take safety into consideration if planning to invest in one.

Check out the features

When comparing different fireplaces, there are numerous features to base your comparison on. A popular feature is the controls, allowing users to turn their fireplace on and off with a button or remote control. Some models come with remote controls that provide greater control over the heat amount produced while operating. In this way, you can be in charge of home temperature control all the time.

Another vital feature is the vent style, which should be adapted to the needs of your home. Some households require venting, whereas others need no-vent models. Pay special attention to this feature, given the functionality of your fireplace depends on it. The viewing style is also important. Some homeowners look for variants with a flat front, which cause no obstructions to flame viewing. Others prefer a bay window that’s more traditional.

Although actual wood hearths are the only ones that use real logs, homeowners can add faux logs to make the appearance more classic. The finish and style of hearths range from steel to traditional mantels. Homes decorated in a traditional style would look great with a traditional mantel variant, while modern homes would benefit more from a black steel finish.

Open vs. closed

Closed fireplaces provide ten times more heat than open hearths. The fire lasts much longer, while fumes are prevented from escaping into the room. Open hearths are mainly decorative and produce insufficient heat. The fire and wood smell is beautiful, but your household won’t be heated properly.

In conclusion

A hearth is a flawless place for family and friend gatherings, for sharing stories and for creating precious memories!


Jeff Campbell