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4 Side Jobs Where You Can Earn Real Money 

Money makes the world go ‘round. But, these days, who has enough of it? The unemployment rate may be super low, but so are the bank accounts of millions of people who are looking for extra work.

The good news is that there are great side jobs out there that can help supplement your income. Some can be done on the weekend outside of typical work hours, while others can be done anytime, anywhere, online. And best of all: These ones actually pay well.

By now, everyone knows about the likes of Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and TaskRabbit but these often don’t offer attractive per hour rates and may not even be viable for anyone outside of big cities.

So instead of just following the digital trend of seeking out these new “gig” work darlings, make sure you consider all the opportunities out there.

The following four represent a few of the best side jobs for anyone looking to earn some real money.

  1. Bartending

Working behind the bar has been one of the most popular second jobs for as long as anyone can remember.

And while app-based platforms have seemingly taken over the public consciousness, there’s no reason to forget about this classic. Having some experience obviously helps, but there is almost no way to bring in more per hour than working a good weekend shift at a busy bar. You can get the experience and needed certifications in a bartending school. It takes about a week and with the official certification you’ll have a big advantage when applying for jobs.

If you can’t find work actually mixing drinks right off the bat, there is always waiting as well. This may seem more like a college summer job, but it definitely pays the bills and is nothing to overlook.

  1. Direct Sales

Unlike many popular gig economy jobs, direct sales are nothing new.

Global companies, like Amway, have been supporting vast communities of entrepreneurs who can make great money — sometimes even more than their previous full-time salary — by selling a wide variety of products.

While some people have lingering doubts about this area due to long-debunked (but oddly persistent) myths, there is no such thing as an “Amway scam.”

On the contrary, direct sales are not only a very legitimate way to bring in extra cash but one of the side jobs with the highest potential to make real money for anyone with the right amount of initiative.

  1. Flipping Out

Though in the same general family as online sales, “flipping” is something quite different.

Rather than being involved in the actual product sales and supply chain, it’s more about understanding various markets and buying available items that you know you can turn around quickly at a profit.

Traditionally, this has been mostly about American Pickers-style antique buying, yardsale-ing, or thrift-shopping. But the concepts have now moved online and become an excellent side hustle for many smart shopper-preneurs.

The lucrative world of online sneaker sales is one notable example. Some retro and short-run releases can lead to people willingly paying thousands for certain Nike or Adidas models, creating massive profit potential for anyone who knows how to flip.

  1. Translation

This option is definitely not for everybody, but you would be amazed at the number of bilingual people who never even consider it as a legitimate option.

In general, there is something of an art to translation, but it is something most people who speak two languages can learn in a surprisingly short amount of time. After that? The sky’s the limit. Not only are there a wide array of project listings on sites like Fiverr, but many large service providers in the industry are always looking for new qualified translators.

In many instances, you can pick up as much or little work as you want, giving you great flexibility to pile up cash in a hurry when you need it or take a step back at times when you are too busy.

Expanding Your Horizons

Everybody could use a little bit of extra cash. Unfortunately, most people simply aren’t aware just how many opportunities are out there. They have closed off their mind, and this prevents them from expanding their horizons.

Some are too focused on the new-age gig economy jobs (many of which pay little per hour once everything is considered) and overlook the classic side jobs — like bartending and direct sales — that are still paying great money in 2019.

Others do fail to grasp the potential of platforms like Fiverr for translation and other freelance work or the online marketplaces that allow you to flip retail goods for profit.

Whether these specific side jobs are good fits for you or not, the key is to always keep an open mind. Consider all the options on the table and realize that there really is good money out there to be made. You just need to make it happen.

Jeff Campbell