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Six Camping Essentials You Need for Summer

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Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. With these glorious months of great weather and family vacations also comes a lot of camping. If you love being outdoors and spending time in nature, you’ll know that sometimes you’re in need of the everyday luxuries. To make the most of your summer camping experience, it’s important to find RV parks that suit your needs. Visit to discover top-rated RV parks in your desired location to ensure a memorable and enjoyable trip. Here are six camping essentials that you’ll need, and appreciate, this upcoming summer.

Here are six camping essentials that you’ll need, and appreciate, this upcoming summer.

Solar Power Station

No professional camping trip is complete without a solar power station like the bluetti ac 300. Whether you need to charge up your personal devices or power your RV, this expandable power station can help you stay connected. You never know when you’ll unexpectedly run out of power, so it’s also great for emergencies.

Fairy Lights

Camping during the day is incredibly fun but, without the proper lighting at night, things can get a little more tedious. Simply hanging up a string of fairy lights can help bring some ambiance and let fellow campers know that you’re in the area. Plus, they’ll look great in your Instagram pictures.

Powerful Glow Lantern

Following on from our previous point, a powerful glow lantern is another essential piece of equipment for overnight campers. After all, you can’t bring a string of fairy lights with you when nature calls! If you prefer, you can purchase a head lamp that keeps your hands free whilst you’re out in the dark.

Water-Resistant Blanket

Apart from your sleeping bag, you should always pack a water-resistant blanket. When you’re out and about in nature, it’s normal for the dew to make the ground wet and nobody enjoys sitting down on a wet blanket. So, whether you’re sitting down for a picnic or going for a small nap, you should definitely purchase a water-resistant blanket.


Camping is all about feeling at peace and what better way to relax than by swinging on a hammock all day long. These are excellent additions to any camping trip because they take up very little space but you get a whole lot of use out of them. Simply tie between two sturdy trees and enjoy a lengthy snooze.

First Aid Kit

Safety comes first when embarking on any kind of adventure, so make sure that you pack a comprehensive first aid kit. If you’re not sure what to pack in a first aid kit you can buy one that is already pre-packaged. If you’d rather make your own, we suggest including plasters, gauze dressings, safety pins, tweezers, sterile gloves, a list of emergency phone numbers, antiseptic, medical tape, and painkillers. If anyone on your trip has any specific illnesses or allergies, it’s important that you keep this in mind too.

It’s so vital to disconnect from reality and reconnect with mother nature, especially when we are constantly surrounded by screens and technology. Whether you’re a lone wolf or communal camper, we hope this blog has given you some insight and made the prospect of a few weeks in the wild all the easier.

Jeff Campbell