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Summer Home Projects to Improve Your Nashville Home Value

With the heat arriving in areas like Nashville, TN, many people are looking to move but want to make sure they get the best possible return on their home investment. By doing some weekend projects through the hot season, you can get your house in great shape this summer so that it will be ready to list and wow the potential buyers. Here are some examples that don’t require you to have specialized knowledge like electric or plumbing work.

Repainting Damaged or Faded Paint

Almost every home has at least some sections that could use a new coat of paint – whether you chose a bold accent wall that wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea or just have some peeling or faded paint outside, make it your business to get all the paint in your home looking top-notch. Paint itself isn’t a huge expense, and if you are willing to take a few weekends to do this project yourself, you can really maximize the good look of the house, causing buyers to value it at a higher price.

Fix Weatherstripping and Caulk

During the summer, everyone wants to know that they can keep their home cool and comfortable even on hot days. One way to make this a clear reality is to make sure you’re not losing cool air through your windows and doors. Weatherstripping and caulk are easy to replace, so check every window and door for any damage or missing spots where air is leaking out, causing your A/C to work harder. These fixes make your home more snug in the winter too!

Pressure Wash for Like-New Concrete and Siding

Renting or borrowing a pressure washer is a great way to get your home looking newer and cleaner – most people are shocked that their grey-dingy driveway is actually sparkling bright underneath a layer of grime. Many people have siding that has subtle moss or mildew, and removing it with a well-aimed shot from a pressure washer leaves the home gleaming. Even if potential buyers don’t recognize it consciously, they think that this house looks newer and more well-maintained when they see a mildew-free home and a sparkling clean driveway.

Bonus: Get HVAC Serviced to Know Where You Stand

This is not a DIY project, but I’m including it because it’s usually very affordable and is a nice stand-in for getting a whole-house inspection. While some families find it useful to get a pre-listing inspection before selling a house so they know what will come up for their buyers, a cheaper alternative is to simply document what you already know of the home and sign up for an HVAC servicing.

While it can be tempting to hide your eyes and hope that the HVAC system is in good order, your potential buyers are likely to use an inspection themselves. Getting your HVAC serviced is an affordable yearly expense that helps you know if there are any small repairs that your HVAC needs and help you know for sure it is in good working order. Details from this servicing can be helpful if your potential buyers want assurance that the HVAC works well.

Jeff Campbell