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The 4 Most Essential Vape Supplies You Need to Own


You adore your vape, don’t you? It is one of the items you carry while going on a lengthy vacation. It’s the first item you charge when you get home and navigate through your phone for everything required. Now, anything that takes up a lot of your time and money and that you enjoy should be excellent enough to spend a fortune on.

Even though there are several components and moving elements in a vape, each component is equally essential for your ideal and exceptional vaping experience. We will tell you the reason in the following lines.

Whether you are a casual user or a professional, you should always have certain things on hand when you go out or even while at home since you never know when you may need anything. Here, we’ll go through the four most essential materials you’ll need for your vape. These include:

  1. Extra coil
  2. E-Juice
  3. Batteries
  4. Juice tank

So without any delay, let’s dive right into it.

Extra coil

Assume you are in your camp house in the forest, all alone. After a hard day of work, hiking, and camping, you’d want to take a break and reflect on your next day’s plans. So you pull out your vape, and while thinking about tomorrow’s excitement, you press the button when the vape mouthpiece is between your lips, and there you have it: a searing and bitter vape flavor strikes your taste buds. Suddenly, you are no longer worrying about tomorrow but about what happened to your vape.

You haven’t filled your e-juice, which is in your bag.

So you’ve finally used up your last coil. You have three more days till you reach a human civilization. That’s the worst thing you can do right now. Now suppose you’re in the same situation in your camping pod, pressing the button and getting the same burning taste; you have burned your coil, but you are not scared; why? Because you brought additional coils with you to use at this time. You quickly replace your coils, and you are ready to think about and plan for your big day tomorrow.

So, the lesson is clear and loud; spending a few dollars on extra coils will let you enjoy your spare time without worrying about little details.


What is a vape without your favorite flavor of E-juice? It’s like having a nice car but no gasoline to power it up; it is simply a showpiece. The choice of E-juice is crucial in enhancing the overall vaping experience, and many enthusiasts opt for high-quality VG vape juice for a smoother and more satisfying flavor profile.

It makes no difference whether you leave it at home or bring it along. Similarly, E-juice is the second most crucial supply for your vape. You don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to refill your vape tank to go to the supply shop, do you?

So E-juice is the second most crucial item to have with you, and it should be present when you are having a good time. Second, because vapes are often replenished, running a dry coil may burn them, resulting in a sour flavor. As a result, e juice also preserves your coil.

E-juice is frequently inexpensive, so it will not cost you much. However, you should get more than one e-juice and flavor. You may wonder why. The explanation is that you do not want to spend your entire camping trip puffing on the same flavors. It’s not going to make you happy. I know I have been there and done it.

Extra batteries

When I go out with my pals or go on a road trip, the first thing I pack is my vape and its batteries. Why? Vapes are essentially sophisticated little machines, and things may go wrong, stop operating, and the batteries are frequently the first to go. So a long walk outside with no batteries in your vape is a missed opportunity for a wonderful vaping session with friends or even by yourself.

Get a nice set of batteries with a long lifespan and a solid warranty. An even better approach is to bring two pairs, charge them fully before leaving, and alternate between them.

This makes it even more manageable, yet you can still use your vape while the other batteries charge. It’s the ideal way to spend your day without worrying about charging and leaving it in your cap just because it’s charged.

Second, while you’re at it, bring a power bank with you; they’re essentially the same as batteries in your vaporizer but much bigger and better, and they can charge your phone and your batteries simultaneously. It’s like getting two benefits for the price of one. To guarantee that I have everything in place when needed, I occasionally carry an extra dedicated cable to charge the batteries.

Juice Tank

Most of the time, vapes have transparent E-juice tanks. This gives them a good look and aesthetics and shows how much e-juice you have. If you have a clear E-juice made up of glass or plastic =, you are less likely to burn your coil and frequently refill it. But there are some downsides as well. Such as if you are on a trip and hiking with your vape. You hit something, and there you go, a big hole in your E-juice tank, and your vape juice is leaking everywhere. You don’t have one with you right now. What will you do? Spending the rest of the days without vaping, I would not do so. I would have either got a new tank or concluded my trip then and there.

But you don’t have to do it. There is another way, having an extra vape tank. In your backup, just like the batteries, E-juice, and coils.




Jeff Campbell