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The Benefits of Buying PowerPoint Templates Instead of Designing Your Own

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Wouldn’t buying and using a PowerPoint template be easier than making one? Yes, definitely. There are several benefits of buying PowerPoint templates instead of designing your own.

First of all, using templates saves time and effort. Secondly, if you are not a creative person, using pre-designed templates is a huge relief.

Aside from these, using and buying PowerPoint presentation templates have several benefits. These benefits will be discussed in detail in this article. If you still need to be convinced of the potential of buying templates, you may change your mind after reading this article.

What is a professional PowerPoint template?

A PowerPoint template is a pre-made and professionally designed set of slides you can download and use immediately. Templates come in various PowerPoint layouts, color themes, fonts, animation, background styles, and effects. You can use presentation templates for Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Mac Keynote.

PowerPoint templates have default layouts that are versatile and useful. Almost anyone is familiar with the program and knows its basics. Individuals engaging in business, marketers, designers, and other professionals commonly use PowerPoint templates.

Presentation templates are used for reporting, lectures and training, engagements, and creating digital portfolios. Templates make it easier for you to begin making your presentation slides. Templates make slides consistent and uniform.

You can get premium-quality presentation templates from Simple Slides. Simple Slides’ templates are visually attractive, and you don’t need to be a graphic artist to improve them. The templates are customizable and completely editable, allowing you to create PowerPoint presentations easily and comfortably.

Benefits of Presentation Templates: Why buy a template?

There is no denying that there are several benefits of buying PowerPoint templates instead of designing your own. With templates, you can create slides for your academic or business presentation without making them from scratch.

Below are some benefits of buying a presentation template that you should consider.

1.    Save Time

Creating presentations is a challenge, especially when working on a tight deadline. Creating a PowerPoint file can be time-consuming if you make it from scratch. You end up being less productive.

If you are asked to create powerful presentations, expect you will probably need to present them to an audience the next day. Having the opportunity to give a presentation to an audience is a huge deal.

But, it can also be stressful for you to need more time to create your presentation and practice your delivery. This is where the use of downloadable and free templates can greatly help.

2.    Professional Quality and Consistency

You don’t have to be a graphic artist if you use a ready-made PowerPoint template. Template designs are professionally made, helping make your slides look very presentable.

The best thing about using professional PowerPoint templates for your corporate presentations is that you can streamline the overall style of the slides while ensuring that all the slides are consistent and uniform.

You can customize ready-made templates by setting up PowerPoint themes to match your company’s font and color schemes.

3.    Investment

When buying pre-designed slides, you can consider them as investments. Once you have paid for them, you can download and keep them. You can reuse them anytime.

If you are in a rush and have to make a presentation immediately, pull up your downloaded template files, customize them, and your presentation is ready.

4.    Generate Leads and Improve Sales

Creating visually appealing slide presentations with well-executed content can attract potential customers to your website. Attracting customers to your website will generate leads and, eventually, sales.

You can generate leads by creating content for blog posts, SEO, and social media.

5.    Save Money

Can buying a template save money? Businesses must invest in quality templates to attract customers and improve sales. This can be done when they hire graphic artists or designers to create amazing templates.

Hiring a graphic designer comes with a price – an expensive one at that. Instead, buying a            pre-made template online is a better financial option.

6.    Branding

Templates are editable, which allows you to customize the whole presentation to suit your company’s design. You can add the logo and the company details to your presentation using integration tools.

How to Choose Professional PowerPoint Templates

Choosing a professional PowerPoint template should be a collaborative effort. The team responsible for creating PowerPoint presentations for the company must brainstorm and discuss the preferred slide layouts and the overall presentation design.

Below are some points you must consider when choosing a presentation template.

  • Well-built slide layouts. A well-built template has its Slide Master properly set up, as well as the PowerPoint theme. If it is improperly built, it is a fake layout, and you will struggle to customize and add content to your slides.
  • Theme elements. The template should use the correct theme elements – font, color, layout, style, etc.
  • Sufficient number of slides. The template you purchased should have enough suitable slides for the title and all headings. It should have slides to accommodate images, graphs, videos, and other media content.
  • Branding consistency. Always consider your company’s brand when choosing a particular theme for your template.
  • When choosing a template to purchase, the template must be versatile and practical. This means it can be used for various purposes, such as corporate presentations, meetings, proposals, and many more. The templates should include a description, screenshot of how it looks, and the slides should be organized.
  • Comprehensive. Before buying a PowerPoint template, ensure the slides, icons, and graphics are complete and ready to use.
  • Overall design. Choose templates that have an all-around design that can be used for different topics. Most templates created today are modern and minimalist in design. This makes it easier to customize. You can also be assured that the template you bought is still useful and adaptable years from now.


Using PowerPoint templates makes creating presentations very convenient and enjoyable. The benefits of buying PowerPoint templates instead of designing your own are several.

Using templates saves a lot of time, saves money, and provides quality and consistency. It is also a good long-term investment, can generate sales leads, and promote company branding.

Since you will have to spend a reasonable amount of money, you need to be able to choose the right and best template for your presentations. Choose practical, comprehensive, and well-designed templates with well-built slide layouts.



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