Should You Use Silk or Real Wedding Flowers?

If you are going to decide what flowers you should have for your wedding décor, you’ll have to first choose between real or artificial flowers. Both have different impacts, feel and make the décor look different, or you can also say that there are upsides and downsides to both of these flower types.

So, what should be your preference when it comes to selecting between real or silk for wedding flowers? According to popular opinion, if you want flowers to stay just as new and fresh the entire day as they were at the start of the event, you should buy artificial flowers in bulk. Or, in case you prefer flowers that look refreshing and are fragrant, you must go with the genuine ones.

Choose Wisely According to Your Budget

People might love real refreshing flowers at a wedding, but it’s no hidden fact that real flowers in contrast to flower wedding rentals are expensive and can be heavy on your pocket. Silk flowers do not come for free either, but at least you get a lot of options from which you can choose the ones that suit your budget.

Keeping the budget in mind while making selections for a wedding is always the wisest thing to do. Otherwise, you might have to cut expenses at places where they are necessary. Keep in mind that $1000-$2000 would be just an average starting amount if you choose real flowers.

However, another wise option would be to mix and match. Choose artificial silk flowers and combine them with your curtains to hang them on fabric. Use natural flowers for the tables, centerpieces, and for all the intimate highlights presented up close.

Real Flowers are More Intimate

If you are planning an extravagant wedding and budget is not an issue at all, getting real wedding flowers would definitely be a plus. The fragrances of roses and charming white flowers all around will surely add more meaning and intimacy to your event. Silk flowers may look intimate, but they cannot spread that enchanting and original vibe all around like that of real flowers.

The fragrances of white rose bushes and charming white flowers all around will surely add more meaning and intimacy to your event

No Compromises on a Wedding Bouquet

Whether to choose natural or artificial flowers for your wedding bouquet depends upon individual inclinations. But you must not compromise on its quality as it’s something going to be held close all the time.

Well, here are a few points that may help you choose the right kind of flowers for your bouquet:

Figure Out According to Your Budget

In case your favorite blossom is unavailable, you may need to pay extra to have the flowers imported, which will significantly enhance the cost ratios. It might be less expensive to arrange an admirable bouquet of silk flowers, which means you can get what you need, however, at less expense.

However, spending upon a bouquet of real flowers is totally worth it. If you think the same, shelling out a bit of your budget on getting a real, enchanting, and adorable bouquet won’t hurt!

Choose Between Refreshing or Long-Term Lovable Vibes!

You’ll have to choose if you wish to keep your wedding bouquet for a long time or just want to live in the wedding moments!

In case you prefer a refreshing fragrance over keeping it for the long term, a real flower bouquet is going to be just perfect! However, clearly, with silk flowers, you don’t need to stress over keeping them alive or if they will last for longer or dry out soon, because these wedding flowers are made to last as a beautiful keepsake of your special day.

Play with Colors Without Any Worries

Silk Flowers are not only durable and long-lasting but are also available in a large variety. If you are not a fan of red or white traditional aesthetic and prefer unique color choices of curtain drapes for your décor, playing with the colors of flowers and arranging a decent colorful styling can definitely add lots of playfulness and cheerfulness into your big day.

Neither unpredictable weather conditions will matter nor the season. You can have any color, any flower, in any kind of weather if you go with a silk flower décor.

Safety First!

No matter what flowers you choose, you must make sure that those flowers are grown OR manufactured naturally. For instance, the real flowers you use should not be treated with pesticides or synthetic substances. Similarly, in case you choose the silk flowers for your wedding cake or bouquet, ensure they are safe enough to be used on food substances and do not have chemicals sprayed upon them.

The Final Solution

Ever thought about blending both of the flower types together?

An incredible alternative is to combine real wedding flowers with silk flowers and uniquely adorn your wedding décor rentals. Many of you might like to have real roses for bouquets and for the table decor, but it is also an amazing idea to use silk roses for another part of your ceremony or reception decor.

Ultimately, this is also a lovely way to keep things on the more affordable side!

Jeff Campbell