3 Tips to Installing Vinyl Flooring

Installing a vinyl floor can instantly raise the value of your home because they tend to increase the visual appeal and appearance that most people yearn for.

Installing vinyl flooring is something that most people can do on their own, however, for those looking to have it done professionally, it’s always advisable to seek a professional company to install the floor once you have chosen the right color from different vinyl plank flooring colors.

The guidelines for installing the vinyl floor are basically the same, however knowing a few tips and tricks can really make a difference on the amount of time that you use on the project and how they appear once the work is done.  

Here are some of the key tips which you need.

1. Prepare the floor

This is the first task which you need to undertake, this is because you need to make sure that the floor that you use is completely flat.

Take time to prepare the floor and remove any form of debris or dirt which can make the installation hard. The rule here is that the floor needs to be clean and dry before you begin the installation process. There are times where there can be concrete which can lead to the accumulation of moisture.

A trick which you need in this case is glue a vinyl sheet and let it stay for like 3 days then pull it out. If you find it relatively easy to pull it out then you can’t install on the floor since there is too much moisture.

2. Plan your floor Perimeter

When you are installing the vinyl floor is you need to plan for the floor and take consideration of all the factors.

It is important to start by creating a starting line that you can be able to follow through in your installation. In making the floor you need to make sure that there are snap lines and a clear chalk line so that you can be able to maintain the accuracy which is required.

The other thing which you need to account for is the expansion of the vinyl. This is why it’s advisable that you need to leave a small margin around the perimeter to account for this.

3. Installation procedure

Once you have prepared your floor and made the plan it’s time to get down to business.

The procedure for installation is quite straightforward and one is advised to start from the corner or at the center. This is especially if the room you are working on is a large room or a square room. The reason for doing is that you can be able to track how you lay your vinyl and have evenly matched corners on all sides.

One thing to note is that that you may not be able to achieve perfect evenness; this is because many rooms are never truly even so there is no point in trying so hard.

On the last row, you would have to cut the vinyl plank give that it would not be the perfect square and to make it snap to the wall a few adjustments must be made.

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Final thoughts

Once you’re done, don’t forget about the cleaning!

A steam mop for vinyl floors can be a real life-saver in terms of keeping your new floors clean and looking like new, year after year.

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