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The Best Tips To Glam Up Instantly

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In today’s age, everyone seems to have a fashion figured out. Wherever you look, people are dressing up in the latest trending clothes and accessories. Someone who remains out of touch with fashion can often feel left out. Well, the truth is you do not have to do a lot to fit in and look stylish.

Even if you have no time on your hands, quick styling tips can help you get where you want in fashion. If you are someone who is related to all this, then we have something for you. Below we have made a list of the best tips to glam up instantly.

Coordinate your colors

The one thing that can instantly make or break your outfit is colors. Using the right colors in the right combination can make you look more presentable. The key to color coordination is planning your outfit to know what goes well. A quick and easy tip is to make sure no colors get overbearing.

Pair up your neutral with brights to make the single color pop. You can also choose a color palette and stick to that for your top as well as the bottom.

Add textures

Another simple way to elevate your outfit is to add textures. You must have noticed it yourself that outfits that have more texture capture more attention. So, make sure you add a blend of textures to your wardrobe that you can include in your everyday outfits.

To make the textures pop out more, you can buy textured clothing in bright colors. If not, you can still use textures such as leather, silk, suede, and more to spice up your boring outfits.

Wear a matching set

If you are not that great at coordinating outfits yourself, wear a matching set. There are several outfits that you can find online that already come as a set. Suits, blouses and skirts, co-ords, and more can be a great fit for days when you just don’t know how to look more fashionable.

Mix styles

Mixing styles can be a great way to level up an ordinary outfit. You can add casuals to professionals and vice versa. For instance, you can pair your blazers with a hoodie. It can add a layer of comfort to your style. Moreover, it can make you look more laid back.

You can do the same by pairing oversized clothes with fitted clothes. These looks are known as “high-lows” as you are pairing two opposite styles with each other. Mixing and matching always work to add more taste and personality to what you are wearing.

Opt for monochrome

The simplest way to look as if you know all about fashion is by opting for monochrome. No matter what occasion it is, monochrome outfits can make you stand out always. The best thing is, monochrome outfits are effortless. You do not need to color coordinate or focus too much on styling. So, this works great as a quick and easy solution.

Add more layers

Layers do not only make you look trendy but rather add more versatility to your look. By layering your clothes right, you can make yourself look more put together. A great way to layer is to mix patterns with non-patterns. If layering overwhelms you, then start with something small.

You can layer a vest on your shirt or add a t-shirt over your hoodie. You do not necessarily have to layer a 4-5 piece all at once.

Load up on accessories

If your outfit lacks something, accessories can always fill that space. Whether it is trendy sunglasses or bags, adding an accessory can ultimately spice up your outfit. If your outfit lacks color, you can carry a bright bag. If you think your outfit is too basic, you can wear statement jewelry.

The bottom line is, having accessories handy can always save you from having a bad outfit day.


So, now you know how easy it is to instantly glam up any outfit that you have. Following these small tips can help make you look more stylish every day. Another great tip is to follow your instinct with your outfits. If you don’t like something, don’t wear it. Moreover, remember to be confident and everything will instantly look better!

Jeff Campbell