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Things to Keep in Mind When Visiting a Baby

You’re off to your relatives’ place because of a family gathering. You are excited because you will be seeing your newly-born niece or nephew.

While it is natural for you to gush over their newly born child or children, it might be wise to consider some do’s and don’ts. If you want to learn more, head over to The Good Nursery.

Why Have Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting a Baby?

This might come off as overwhelming, but you will be meeting a baby after all. It is important to be considerate, especially towards a child who is still young and vulnerable.

No need to worry. These aren’t convoluted steps or anything. These are just some simple acts and points of consideration you can easily do when planning your visit.

Be Healthy

The first thing to consider is your health. This is standard practice when visiting anyone, especially when babies are in the area.

Babies are more vulnerable to sickness as their immune system is still developing. So make sure that you are healthy when you decide to visit.

Don’t Just Buy Any Gift

Now that you have checked your health, you might be thinking of buying a gift for the newborn baby.

While it is a thoughtful thing to do, you might want to think carefully about what you are buying.

Don’t buy gifts you feel the parents already have bought. Better yet, ask them about it. I’m sure they will appreciate the thought of you being considerate with what you want to give to their child.

Buy Food

One thing you can buy that they will surely appreciate is food.

You are most likely not the only guest. More guests mean more food, which means more work.

They already have to look after their children. What more when there are more people around?

To help ease their worries, bring your own set of food to share. You will be a big help to them by bringing your own food.

Don’t Be Too Loud

You have entered the host’s house, and finally get to see the newborn baby. While excitement and giddiness are expected, restrain yourself a bit.

Babies are sensitive to noise. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to startle the baby. Otherwise, they might feel intimidated by you and start crying.

Some considerable actions include putting your phone on silent mode, walking quietly, and of course, no shouting.

Ask Permission

Apart from looking at the baby, you probably want to hold the baby in your arms. Before you think about that, always remember to ask permission.

This is a general rule of thumb that doesn’t need explaining, but it’s important to remember nonetheless. Always ask permission if it is okay.

If the parents say no, then respect their decision. They probably feel uneasy with anyone wanting to hold their baby or think their baby isn’t comfortable being held by anyone other than their parents.

Whatever the case, don’t take it personally, as I’m sure you will understand.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

When you are allowed to hold their child, wash your hands, especially if you just came from eating.

Apart from practicing good hygiene, a baby’s skin is sensitive. Its immune system is not as strong as ours so they are more vulnerable to germs.

Not to mention that it wouldn’t be sanitary to hold a newborn with unclean hands.

Be Careful When Holding Them

This cannot be neglected. Whatever amount of care you have when holding on to something, double the amount.

Make sure that the baby is the only thing you hold. Hold the head and use both arms to keep them safe and secure.

Also, keep away from anything that can be harmful towards the baby. You are dealing with a human being after all, so it’s natural to handle with care.

Keep Away from Strong Odors

This applies to both “good” and “bad” odors. If it gives off a strong scent, keep it away.

Babies have very sensitive noses. Strong odors can make them feel uncomfortable or sick.

Avoid wearing strong colognes or perfume when you visit. Perfumes are made of strong chemicals, which can harm the child or make them feel uncomfortable.

Another thing you must avoid is the smell of cigarettes.

Nicotine can latch onto your clothes. Keep in mind that the baby can still smell the cigarette in your clothes even if you finish smoking.

This is a significant health hazard for them. If you smoke, it is best to keep away from the child until the smell goes away. However, that might take a while, as nicotine doesn’t just disappear instantly.

If you really want to see the baby, then the best option is to avoid smoking that day and the day before.

Your relatives might be wary of you seeing their child if you are a smoker, so be sure to take that into consideration.

Always Give The Baby Back To Its Mother.

You want to ensure that you aren’t holding the baby for too long. At some point, the baby will likely want to go to the crib or its mother.

Should that happen, bring it back to her as soon as possible.

Even with a family gathering, she will obviously still worry about the child. We want to make things easier for her and her family.

If you notice that the baby starts feeling upset and uncomfortable, immediately bring the child back to her. If she’s busy, then give it to the father and tell the mother that the baby wants to be with her.

It’s important to consider the feelings of the child, the mother, and even the father and the siblings.


These are just some do’s and don’ts when you decide to visit your relatives’ newborn child.

It can look like a lot but being compassionate and considerate can go a long way.

A baby is still very young and still trying to understand life outside the womb. It’s essential to help them feel warm and welcomed in any way.



Jeff Campbell