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6 Tips for Every Day Wig Wearing

Wigs are all the rage right now. They’re fun, they can change your look, and they keep you looking fabulous even when you aren’t feeling so fresh after a night of sleeping funny or forgetting to get enough rest for weeks on end due to work stress.

When it comes to wearing wigs (and pretty much everything else), it’s important to remember some simple steps that will ensure that your wig looks natural – like the hair you were born with.

When applying makeup or styling your wig, pay attention to these six tips before getting out the door every day.

  1. Moisturize Like You Mean It

Wig fibers should be treated at least as well as natural hair because, unlike real hair, you can’t just run a flat iron over them to fix any issues. Wigs are expensive, so you need to be willing to care for them if you want them to last for more than one season. Wigs have wig fibers for this reason.

Just like your natural hair, wigs need regular moisturizing not to dry up and look dull or frizzy. Be sure to use warm water when you wash your wig and follow it with a great conditioner. Just wet down the fibers thoroughly and coat the threads with conditioner while you gently rub in circles all over the cap (never directly on top of the scalp). Rinse out thoroughly and towel blot excess water before hanging it back up to air dry. Wigs should be washed at least once a month to keep them looking their best.

  1. Wig Caps are Important

Wearing your wig cap beneath your wig will help the wig stay secure on your head, prevent it from slipping back & exposing your natural hairline, and keep out unwanted lint or pet hair that might affect the way the fibers look or feel.

Wig caps are generally very cheap, so there’s no reason not to use one every time you wear a wig – it’s much more appealing than having pieces of hair fall out when you’re trying to style. Personally, I would recommend headband wigs for beginner which would be more friendly and east to wear.

Most wigs come with a stretchy ribbon cap sewn into the crown area that you can pull up over all of your natural hair for easy styling. Wig caps are also great for giving your wig a custom shape, so if it’s too long or too wide, you can always snip off some of the fibers in problem areas.

  1. Wig Tape is Your Friend

Wearing your wig tape is not only an inexpensive way to make sure your wig stays on securely all day, but it’s also the best way to give yourself a natural-looking parting without having to buy additional makeup products. Such as U part hair wigs, they are easy to tape and having a natural look.

Wig tape comes in two main types:

Wig Grip is latex-free and leaves no sticky residue on its own when removed with rubbing alcohol – be sure not to get any of it stuck in your hair accidentally.

Wig Bond. Wig Bond will leave both white and clear residue that can get into your wig fibers – if you get Wig Bond on your skin, be sure to wash the area with warm water until all of the chemicals are gone. Wig tape is inexpensive and widely available online or at most beauty supply stores. If you’re buying Wig Grip specifically for Wig Wearing, it’s also pretty easy to cut some up into smaller parts so that anyone part will last longer than a few uses.

  1. Wigs Need Love

Wigs to need more attention than just putting on a cap & calling it good. If you want your wig to look natural, then you’re going to have to do some work! Every day that you wear your wig, use a fine bristled brush to smooth over the fibers.

Wig fiber is generally very high quality, but it still needs to be tamed every day to look natural! Wigs also need love when they’re not being worn. Wigs should be stored on a wig head or hung up with wig hooks to keep them from getting tangled up inside of a drawer where anything can snag at them and pull out chunks of hair.

  1. Wig Maintenance Washing

Wig wearing is not as simple as washing your natural hair, so you’ll have to tell any shampoo & conditioner companies that you use that you are wearing a synthetic wig. It’s essential that you do not wash your wig with a shampoo made for human hair because this will leave residue behind that can tangle up your fibers and cause them to look frizzy.

Wig shampoo is generally made for synthetic fibers (and often has conditioning agents added), so it’s best not to use human hair shampoo on wigs because this will over-moisturize the wig fibers and cause them to look stringy & limp.

Washing Wig Wearing shampoos are usually clear gels that you rub in gently before rinsing out completely under warm water. Wigs should be washed at least once a month, but if you wear them every day, then they might need to be cleaned every 1-2 weeks, depending on how much sweat & oils build up in the wig cap & around the nape of the neck from wearing a tight wig cap.

  1. Wig Wearing is a Lifestyle

Wig Wearing is not just something you do when you’re getting ready in the morning or going out on a special occasion: Wig Wearing is an active lifestyle, and it takes some effort to make sure your wig looks great all of the time.

Jeff Campbell