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Top Fantasy Themed Online Slots 

One of the most popular online casino free spins no deposit slot themes is fantasy. This theme covers a huge variety of things such as swords, dragons, magic and myth.

Fantasy Genre 

The fantasy genre has been hugely influential in fiction, it allows media to explore exciting and new concepts through a unique world. There are a whole host of slot themes for players to choose from including film, TV, adventure, horror and so much more, yet the popularity of fantasy themed slots is undiminished. The fantasy genre is constantly one of the top slot game genres. It is hard to say what exactly it is about this genre which players find so interesting, it could be the unique tales of knights and their endless crusades of war or it could be the classic setting in a bygone era of history which manages to stir a players imagination. Whatever the reason, it is clear that the fantasy genre is beloved by slot players. 

Top Fantasy Slots 

As one of the most beloved slot themes available, there has been a huge amount of slots developed which use this theme. There are some fantasy themed slot games which manage to sit high above the rest. 

  1. Conan the Barbarian is based on the classic film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger which became a pioneer in bringing the fantasy genre to the mainstream. This slot offers a wonderful design and fantastic payout potential due to the progressive jackpot the game has!
  2. Forsaken Kingdom was developed by Microgaming and it explores the classic legend of King Arthur. This slot features amazing graphics and animations which will immerse players, there are also five reels and twenty paylines to enjoy. 

Other Themes 

The fantasy theme is well liked by players and it is arguably the most popular slot theme out there. However if players ever fancy a change, there are a whole host of amazing slot themes which you can choose from. 

  •     Action/adventure – This is a wonderful theme which will capture the attention of any player. Action and adventure slot themes will place players right in the middle of the action, this results in their games being very enjoyable to play, there is often a great mix of bonuses in slot games which use this theme as well!
  •     TV/Film – Branded slot games can be great fun, they feature characters and settings which players will instantly recognise and they often try to stick as close to the source material as possible. These types of slot themes are well known for their amazing graphics, animations and soundtracks.
  •     Geographic – As other cultures can sometimes seem like a different world, using a geographical theme is a great way to experience the culture of a different country. They can take place in a variety of locations from Latin America to Africa and will always try to capture everything that makes culture great!

Final Thoughts 

Fantasy themed slot games are popular for a variety of reasons, they are immersive worlds and some of the best ever slot releases have used this theme.

Jeff Campbell