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Where to Find the Best Christmas Cards

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The first man in history to send out Christmas cards sent them to express his feelings. He illustrated them in beautiful designs and the world hasn’t gotten over that till now. Christmas cards which are often decorated for mailing to express good wishes to family and friends have then become traditional. In addition, people now derive pleasure in designing cards themselves which allows them to express themselves to their loved ones on a deep relatable level, be it in some wild or funny manner, depending on your relationship with the recipient. This has been made more fun by Boomf where you can easily bring your imaginative designs of Christmas cards into reality. Check them out here.

If you’ve been looking for where to get custom-made Christmas cards online and you desire designs that speak love, warmth and charity, then count today as a lucky day because you’ve found one. There are ranges of confetti cards and pop-up character cards that you can pick from for a difference. However, if you have the desire to carve out your own design for uniqueness, then you can get it done and also add your personal write-up.

After carefully selecting and preparing your holiday cards, it’s time to head to a post office near you to send them out. The anticipation of waiting for your loved ones’ reactions as they receive your heartfelt cards is a wonderful feeling.

Varieties of Christmas Cards

Photo cards

You can save pictures of your loved ones, make them into cards and surprise them with them for festive greetings.

Christmas letter

In this card, letters are either written in length to loved ones especially when the writer has a lot to say or in highlights by some others.


These cards are made by putting a photo on one side and a short message on the other. It is sent without a fold or an envelope and is easy to send.

Business cards

These are cards sent by businesses to their customers. It is used as a marketing tool to keep their customers and remind them of the business during the holidays and festive season.

To put your best foot ahead without mixing up your cards as you send them to your loved ones, consider keeping the following at the back of your mind.

Steps to Sending Christmas cards

  1. Make a specific list of those who should receive the personalized cards, the family cards and the business cards making sure they are separated from each other.
  2. Keep in mind that the post office will be one of the extremely busy companies during the holidays. You should send your cards in the second week of December so they can get to their recipients on time and not after Christmas Day.
  3. To show that you attended to the cards with love and warmth, you can add short notes, your signature and your name on the card. You can have all of these printed on your custom cards directly from Boomf.
  4. Add your current address so your recipients know the exact person that sent the cards and so they can find it easy to mail out their cards in return.
  5. Your business associates should receive their cards in their offices and not their homes. The only exception is if they belong to the category of business partners you interact with personally and socially in which your co-workers fall. Hence, for this category of people, you should not use newsletters, family photos or mail the cards to their homes.


Boomf knows how important the Christmas Card tradition is to you, your families and your businesses. Therefore we have made available card services of different styles and patterns. Boomf is the best place to get your Christmas cards that’ll give you and your loved ones that holiday cheer!

















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