Winter Period in Cyprus – Who to bet on?

The climate of Cyprus during the winter months is quite unstable, and the weather can change several times a day. The sun may be replaced by wind or light rain that ends quickly. A winter beach vacation in Cyprus is fun for extremes, because despite the warm climate, the water in the sea remains cool. But it is in winter that the real Cyprus with its history, beautiful nature and hospitable people open up to the tourist. 

The absence of a large influx of tourists makes the stay on the island calm and measured. Despite the tourist comfort, nightlife in Cyprus does not stop and there are many clubs and restaurants on the island. The night clubs of Cyprus, like any other resort city, are designed to dance and have fun until the morning. Restaurants and cafés for different tastes and wallets, there is an option for every tourist. 

But it is worth noting that Cyprus is becoming the capital of sports betting. This article discusses the features of online sports bet in Cyprus during the winter period.

The most popular winter sports for betting in Cyprus

Winter sports are played on snow or ice. They are distinguished by a short season: from November to February. The Winter Olympic Games offer the greatest variety for sports betting. But there are other popular winter sports that attract the attention of bettors in Cyprus. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  1. Hockey. Hockey has been included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games since 1920. It is this sports discipline that remains the basis of the winter sports betting calendar. You can bet with the bookmaker on the winner of the match, overtime, over/under and much more.
  2. Ski jumping. Ski jumping is another significant event in winter sports competitions. Athletes fly down the slope, after which they descend from the ski ramp. Their goal is to cover as much distance as possible. 50 athletes take part in the competition, only 30 of them go to the final stage.
  3. Skiing. This sports discipline offers excellent opportunities for betting enthusiasts. Athletes rush along the snow-covered slopes on ski bindings, while avoiding various obstacles. There are several variations of this competition.
  4. Cross-country skiing. These ski races were included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games back in 1977. More than 40 thousand athletes around the world take part in this competition. There are many individual and team competitions here, which creates excellent betting opportunities. You will be able to bet with the bookmaker on team sprint, relay, classic distance for men or women, freestyle and much more.
  5. Biathlon. Another popular winter sports discipline. Athletes compete for speed on cross-country skiing, and also shoot with a rifle. This makes the gameplay spectacular, exciting and dynamic. Most often, bookmakers offer high odds for this sport.
  6. Figure skating. This is a very exciting sports discipline that combines turns, jumps, sharp turns and other bewitching graceful movements on the ice surface. If you decide to bet on this sport, you are offered the following options: total points, finalists and the final winner of the competition.

How to bet on sports: the science of prediction

One of the advantages of betting on sports is that here, those who understand certain types of sports have a high chance of winning – much higher than in various types of gambling, where a lot depends on chance. But in order to win, you need to learn how to predict the results of matches. For forecasting, they study:

  • Analytical materials. Any specialized site publishes a summary. The results of the tournaments should be studied in order to find out how often the team wins, how sports experts assess the level of the players, what advantages the club has. Of course, conclusions from this analysis will have to be drawn independently.
  • Sports media, including electronic media. Very often the result of the match depends on the composition of the team. Therefore, those who bet on sports need to read more about the athletes themselves, about their health, even about their personal lives.
  • Assessment of external factors. For the outcome of events, a lot can depend on weather conditions, on where the match is held. It is believed that the team always has advantages on its field. In addition, although in theory sport is outside of politics, in reality, geopolitical interests are often taken into account here, so the player also needs to navigate them.

Knowing all these factors does not guarantee a win, because there is always room for randomness. But it significantly increases the chances.

Jeff Campbell