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5 Reasons to Buy a UTV

If you’re in the market for an off-road vehicle, then you might be wondering about purchasing an ATV, SUV, ROV, or a dirt bike. However, we would like to introduce you to yet another type of off-road vehicle, namely one that can do so much more than just mere fun.

It’s called a UTV and it stands for “utility task vehicle” – a naming scheme that stays true to its meaning. With this vehicle, you’ll be able to work and play in ways that you simply can’t with others. But enough chit-chat; let’s get to the reasons you should buy a UTV.

1.   A UTV Allows Multiple Passengers

While an ATV can only carry the driver and one other passenger, a typical UTV can carry four passengers and the driver, with some more expensive UTV models being able to carry up to eight passengers as well.

That’s extremely impressive! Even more so than an SUV. Can you imagine how fun an off-road trip will be with so many people on board? You can even park it somewhere isolated and blast music without anyone disturbing you. Speaking of which:

2.   UTVs Are Highly Customizable

Just take a look at this impressive list of Polaris RZR accessories. And that’s not all! There are tons of UTV accessories for all sorts of makes and models. Some accessories and parts are universal, so you can use them on any type of UTV out there. Yes, you thought it right, speakers and headsets are among the top accessories that turn a UTV into a real party machine.

3.   Much More Safety

Unlike an ATV or a dirt bike, a UTV comes with a roll cage, and some models even come with a windshield by default. It is more akin to a car, in the sense that it has four wheels that you drive by using a steering wheel rather than handlebars.

As such, you have more control over it and over the speed as well. In case of an accident, you’re far more protected. And a UTV also has space for your cargo as well, so your gear will also be much more protected from any impact.

4.   UTVs Allow You to Haul Impressive Weights

Need to carry a ton of cargo from one place to another? Forget stuffing your regular car. A UTV is much more suited for such a task than any other vehicle. Its cargo space is made in such a way that it can fit multiple items – heavy ones at that.

Oh, and you can also use items like plows and other similar heavy farming equipment, so it can easily replace a tractor for a multitude of farm-related tasks. Plus that it looks cooler and it’s basically a two-in-one: a workhorse and a fun ride.

5.   You Can Go Camping With a UTV

Speaking of hauling major equipment, why not haul your camping gear as well? UTVs are for work and for offroad adventures as well. And not just racing.

Sure, UTVs can reach impressive speeds even on the roughest terrains, but if you want to have a more laid-back and relaxed evening, it’s the perfect vehicle to go camping with. It’s not nearly as big as an RV so it’s much easier to drive.

Furthermore, the fact that you can place it near your tent will make your life much easier, as you will still be connected with nature without having to go a long way to grab a beer or whatever else you might need from your vehicle.

The Bottom Line

UTVs are fun and are a great fit for nearly anyone who wants to try to have fun offroad, work on their farm, or both. Either way, a UTV is a great investment, as you can combine leisure and work with ease. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks that their investment in a UTV was not worth it. Leave us a comment down below if you’ve got any more info worth sharing with our community.

Jeff Campbell