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5 Side Hustles To Earn Extra Money

You don’t have to quit your full-time work or start a business to make some additional money, which is great news!

People have stolen the word “side hustle” by replacing the idea of having a side gig with developing a business so you can rapidly quit your main 9-to-5 work. However, not everyone wants or is able to give up their day job. Especially with the current cost of living in today’s economy.

A side hustle is anything you do to supplement your income while you’re employed. It’s something you do on the side of your normal job, hence the name “side hustle.” However, it does not imply that it will become your primary source of revenue (nor does it ever have to).

These 5 side hustle ideas are possible to pursue while working a standard job (or non-traditional hours). These are the golden tickets, whether you just want to make a little more money for Christmas gifts this year or you want to make extra to save up faster for long-term future investments.

1. Online surveys 

It’s extremely improbable that anyone will become a millionaire by taking online surveys. But you can definitely make some extra money in your spare time if you devote it to sharing your thoughts with organizations that are looking for them. They use the information to have a better understanding of the market and the needs of their consumers. You’ve probably done similar surveys for free in the past, but that’s about to change.

Online surveys don’t offer a lot of extra money, and they’re also neither consistent nor scalable. However, they’re a popular way to make money online because you can do them while standing in line, riding the train, or binge-watching the latest Netflix show.

Most surveys take only a few minutes of your time, while those that take longer pay slightly more. This is a simple side hustle to start into. Simply go to a site like Swagbucks or Toluna, create a profile, and wait for companies looking for consumers like you that will send you surveys.

2. Slots online 

Just when you thought online casinos just provided games to pass the time, you’d be surprised to learn that some people make cash by playing games like slots online.

Despite the fact that playing slot machines can be a joyful and exciting activity, many gamblers are frustrated by their losses. Knowing how to make the most of your wins will help you avoid becoming one of them. You can spend time on simulation apps or sites in order to practice the game if you are a beginner. Once you know the ins and outs of this game and how to play it to your advantage you will be surprised at what you can earn. 

To find out more about people that have made a larger income playing slots search up the names of Taylor Jackson, Brain Christopher, and Peter Liston. 

3. Use Uber or Lyft to your advantage 

Driving to Uber or Lyft isn’t everybody’s perfect side hustle. However, if you enjoy driving and have regular access to a vehicle for picking up and dropping off passengers, it might be a profitable side hustle.

The fact that you can work whenever you want is what makes rideshare driving so tempting. Drivers establish their own plans and sometimes make money that works best for them. Some people have chosen to make their full-time income by operating a ridesharing car.

Sadly, unless you reside in a large metropolis that enables services like this to run, this alternative is not available. More sophisticated transit choices are not available to those in smaller communities.

You must also have access to a car that complies with the ridesharing service standards you want to drive. While this depends on the company and the city, a new car with at least five seats is generally needed which is free of damage. However, as a sole proprietor, there are a number of tax deductions that can also be in your favor.

4. Upwork gigs 

Upwork is a great place to make more money online. Whether it’s blog posts you’re writing, entering data, editing audio, writing news, and current events, or proofreading, there is probably somebody looking for someone with your skillset on the site.

For someone with a full-time career, Upwork is a great side hustle because there is a lot of work that will be requested for almost any skill. You are able to select and choose to work on projects that interest you and swipe past jobs that you may not be excited about. The best thing about it is that you can complete projects on your own schedule. 

The primary disadvantage of Upwork is that they take a big percentage of what you make. While the actual proportion they take depends on how many jobs you get from a client (more, less), self-employed people may expect 20% to go to the platform right away. You are also charged a fee when Upwork collects money on your behalf. 

You need to apply for jobs on Upwork as well using “credits.” Although you receive credits monthly there is also the option for you to buy credits. Freelancers gain additional credits for answers to the proposals they present or getting “interviews.”

5. Affiliate marketing 

While affiliate marketing can be done as part of a blog revenue stream, you don’t have to have a blog to make money. The thing you actually need is a committed audience that trusts your opinion when it comes to affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, the aim is to partner and distribute trackable affiliate links with your audience to brands you adore, their products, or via affiliate platforms. You gain a tiny commission when someone buys through your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing can be done part-time or can be made into a full-time career. Depending on how long and hard you spend on it, this can become a full-time job. In most situations, however, significant results take a time to see.


Jeff Campbell