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5 Ways To Increase Spend Visibility At Your Business

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Running a small business is not easy. It has so many challenging elements to it, from the business plan to execution, that it can be a little bit daunting to get a handle on things. It’s so much more than just having an idea and dealing with staffing. The elements of spending, spend analysis, monitoring for rogue spend, and avoiding budgeting issues are all integral parts of keeping your small business going. Understanding where you’re spending is going, how much money you’re spending and whether or not you’re having budget issues are all part of the process. And there’s a good reason to watch your spend visibility: to prevent fraud and maximize your cash flow. There are plenty of ways to increase spend visibility throughout your organization. In this article, we’ll cover five of them. Keep reading to learn more.

Understand Spend Visibility

Sometimes the best way to increase spend visibility at your organization is to understand the concept in the first place. What is spend visibility? And why is it so integral to your operation? In basic terms, it’s just the ability to track and monitor all company spending in real-time. By having a clear view of where your money is going, you can identify and address waste, fraud, or other significant problems. It’s also perfect for delivering cost savings to your company. When you need to make quick spending decisions and increase transparency/accountability at your organization, understanding spend visibility will go a long way toward helping you achieve success. Forecasting spend visibility is challenging, even during the best of times, so you’ll want to implement an automated solution to help.

Implement a Budgeting System

It might seem obvious, but a budget is pretty important when it comes to managing your spend. By tracking your information this way, you ensure it remains within established limits and doesn’t go over or under what you expect to spend. This creates better spend visibility because you will know exactly where your money is going every month. There is plenty of software that can help you automate this process. Sure, spreadsheets are great, but they’re only valuable to a point. Using automated software to track your spending and analyze it, you can find holes in your budget, identify issues early on, and prevent fraud. At its core, spend visibility is just a real-time overview of your spending at the company. That’s why comparing it to your budget and using it as part of that process can be helpful. By utilizing this tool, you should be able to get the most out of your spend visibility, create financial stability, and be able take appropriate action when you discover discrepancies.

Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (you know, AI) is a surprisingly wonderful tool to implement in any business, for any number of reasons. AI is ideal for automating some of the more tedious processes and tasks that come with spend management and visibility. It’s also great for notifying users of potential savings, strange patterns they might see in spend, and making recommendations for changes. By using AI, you can get a better understanding of where your money is going and take steps to improve your financial situation. Remember that AI is not a replacement for humans and it requires quality input to be useful. Instead, you should see it as a tool to help you manage your spend rather than relying on it too much to do parts of the job for you.

Use A Procurement Spend Analysis Program

One of the best ways to improve spend visibility is to use a procurement spend analysis system to help keep track of things.

Procurement Spend Analysis is like a hub for keeping track of every type of spend associated with your operation. It’s a way to implement and monitor spending goals, detect fraud, provide key insights, and set up/monitor the various KPIs that might apply to your business. Analysis programs are part of an overall comprehensive Enterprise management system that can help you get ahead with all of your spend visibility/analysis meets. It’s important to have a high quality system in place to help you manage these critical concerns. Without them, you might find yourself struggling to keep up with spend management at your business and could end up suffering some adverse effects down the line. Think of these programs as a secret weapon to bring success to your organization in its pursuit of understanding/managing spend.

Conduct Regular Audits

Sometimes the very utterance of the word audit can send chills down the spine of the most seasoned financial professionals. But when you’re working in procurement and spending management, audits can be a godsend to the operation. Audits help you find and track information relevant to your spending and procurement procedures. Regularly auditing your company can give you another layer of visibility to identify and improve your processes. Audits ultimately help curb and decrease potential fraud at an organization. And that’s part of what spend visibility is all about, so using this powerful tool makes sense in the grand scheme of things.


Jeff Campbell