7 Spreadsheet Selling Template Sites

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Putting up a business comes with a lot of challenges. Growing it by increasing your customer base and sales transactions is another challenge businesses must overcome to succeed.

Running a business is not easy, and work can become much easier when you use a free template for an Excel spreadsheet. You can definitely upscale your business with the right tools.

This article will discuss the seven best spreadsheet-selling template sites to manage your sales leads and help build your sales process.

7 Spreadsheet Selling Template Sites

Below are the seven top template sites to get sales templates for your business needs.

1.    Simple Sheets

Simple Sheets is the trusted spreadsheet templates website by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and small to medium businesses. It houses a large collection of spreadsheet templates that are highly customizable and editable.

The best thing about getting spreadsheet templates from Simple Sheets is that you have access to lectures and courses by spreadsheet experts who can certainly help improve your proficiency in using Excel spreadsheets.

Simple Sheets’ catalog of spreadsheet templates is categorized according to the following categories for easier reference:

  • Sales and marketing templates
  • Accounting and finance templates
  • Supply chain and operations templates
  • Project management templates
  • Small business templates
  • Business management and strategy templates

You don’t have to get software to manage your sales information. With Simple Sheets’ vast choices of sales-related templates, you can save time and money and be more productive by focusing on the actual work instead of designing a spreadsheet from scratch.

2.    Google Sheets Templates

There are many reasons why Google spreadsheets are great for businesses. First, Google Sheet templates are free and customizable. Since Google Sheets is a cloud-based program, it is a collaborative and shareable tool.

Pre-made spreadsheet templates of Google Sheets can save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on productive work such as creating reports and analyzing data efficiently.

Below are some Google Sheets templates that you can use in your business to improve your sales pipeline.

●      CRM Template

A CRM template is a great way to automatically save your encoded customer information. This template organizes customer contacts and can automate marketing procedures and sales transactions.

●      Project Timeline Template

To close sales transactions, sometimes it takes a while to establish how to make an effective sale. Some sales need to undergo assessment through projects.

For instance, you want to land a deal for your construction company. This needs to become a project that the team will work on and assess. When you use this template, complex tasks are broken down into simpler and easier tasks for the project to finish on time and be presented to the target audience or potential clients.

●      Sales Operations Template

This template is best for sales managers to monitor sales performance and assess sales for maximum profit. This template helps track sales targets and use sales metrics to make better sales and marketing decisions.

3.    Microsoft Excel Templates

Everyday tasks become a lot easier when you use an Excel template. With Excel, you can do so many things, such as record sales transactions, create sales receipts, and monitor KPIs.

Using Excel’s free templates, you no longer feel the hassle of looking for the best template for your sales needs. You can conveniently browse through its collection of templates, try them, and even customize them to fit your needs.

Below are two Excel templates that you can use to help with your business’ sales process.

○      Simple Gantt Chart Template

You can download or customize Excel’s Gantt chart template. With this template, you can track the progress of any sales-related project. The project can be divided into phases, making work easier, more manageable, and can be completed on time.

○      Sales Pipeline and Forecasting Template

Using a sales pipeline and forecasting template gives you a general view of your sales for every quarter. This template can help the sales team generate sales forecasts. A sales forecasting template helps track your sales leads to determine your sales estimates monthly or quarterly.

4.    Vertex42

Vertex42 is a leading Excel spreadsheet designer with a vast collection of professionally designed spreadsheet templates. You can boost your work productivity using Vertex42 pre-made templates. You can choose a template from different categories, such as invoice templates, inventory templates, financial statement templates, and project management templates.

5.    Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a free and open community of business-to-business sales professionals. They offer several services, including sharing free sales tracking spreadsheets for sales activities, pipelines, and performances.

They have 13 free templates to help your company’s sales team, which are categorized into:

  • Sales pipeline and forecasting template
  • Sales outreach and email template
  • Sales activity tracking template
  • Sales management and performance template
  • Sales compensation template

6.    Salesmate

Salesmate sales spreadsheet templates are customizable and can help you track all your sales transactions because they can reliably store all sales records. This way, you can monitor all sales deals, keep intact all customer information, and record sales progress.

Salesmate templates can also track the progress and productivity of all your sales representatives. Downloading templates from Salesmate allows for easy sales tracking. You get to see a clearer picture of your overall sales.

The template also helps with sorting and organizing business transactions as well as predicting sales trends and growth. Sales templates from Salesmate can help compute and compare your sales progress monthly or quarterly.

7.    Smartsheet

Smartsheet spreadsheet templates are collaborative and can help manage daily sales work. It can be downloaded for free as an Excel template, or you can use the free spreadsheet online.

It offers three types of templates for sales and marketing. They have a CRM, marketing plan, and social media report templates.


Many people prefer to use spreadsheet templates because they save time, are easy to use, and can simplify complex sales tasks. Sales transactions are growing daily, and the success of any business is through regular monitoring and tracking of these activities.

Spreadsheet templates are a great tool for managing your data and evaluating your business. It helps with sales management and sales evaluation. Sales templates can help you predict your probable income and guide you in making decisions for budgeting.

You can get the most out of your sales spreadsheet template by choosing templates from top spreadsheet-selling template creators. Check out the seven spreadsheet-selling template sites, choose which templates you prefer, and start growing your business!



Jeff Campbell