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Healthy Living Tips for People Living With HIV

As an HIV patient, it is more vital than ever to guard your immune system to maintain general good health. Keeping the body in an optimum healthy state makes it stronger to fight off the virus and other opportunistic infections.

Persons living with HIV should include healthy living habits in their normal lifestyle. Follow the following tips to live a healthy life with the disease.

  1. Engage in safe sex.

This is one of the paramount rules after getting a positive HIV test result. Practicing safe sex is crucial. First, you need to know how the virus is transmitted to avoid others.

Use condoms every time you have sex to prevent not only the spread of the disease but also prevent you and the intimate partner from contracting other sexually transmitted diseases and various infection types.

Remember getting re-infected with HIV may reduce the chances of responding to treatment perfectly.

  1. Get screened for other STDs.

If you are living with HIV alongside other sexually transmitted infections, you may have high chances of transmitting both the STD and HIV.

Also, STDs can worsen your status and make the infection spread more rapidly, plus STDs can compromise the treatment of HIV. Therefore, it is important to get tested as soon as possible and treat STIs first.

Getting tested is important because most STDs are asymptomatic, meaning they don’t show symptoms, and you can have them without knowing.

  1. Prevent infections and other illnesses.

Because HIV inhibits the immune system, it makes the body more susceptible to opportunistic infections and illnesses. The body becomes highly exposed to germs, viruses, and bacteria.

Wash your hands regularly, and be away from sick persons to be as healthy as possible. Also, ensure you are up to date with all your vaccinations to minimize the exposure to preventable diseases.

  1. Observer healthy eating.

As a person living with HIV/AIDs, healthy nutrition is a significant factor for living well. There are several reasons to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet.

First, healthy foods can boost your immune system, help maintain a good weight, prevent opportunistic diseases, and minimize hospital visits. Second, a healthy diet helps build muscle and facilitates a better response to medications.

  1. Follow the doctor’s prescription to the latter.

It is vital to follow your HIV medication course strictly as prescribed by the doctor. Skipping the drugs even for a day may allow the virus to become resistant to medication, leading to poor treatment response.

Ensure you maintain the same time you take your prescription and always have them with you so you can access them even if you are away from home. This will help avoid missing doses.

  1. Avoid drug abuse and alcohol.

Drug abuse and alcohol can lead to the development of depression feelings. Avoid hard drugs and adhere to medication drugs as prescribed by the doctor.

Quitting alcohol and illegal drugs may also prevent cognitive thinking impairment, which is key in reducing HIV-related dementia.

  1. Exercise mind and body.

Mental and physical exercises can maintain the mind and body balanced and stronger. Regular physical activities such as biking, swimming, walking, running, or any other activities you enjoy doing, keep your body fit and regulate both stress and depression levels.


The tips for living a healthy HIV life are within your control. Observe a healthy lifestyle, avoid alcohol and drug abuse, fuel the body with a natural, healthy, and balanced diet, and get enough quality sleep to recharge the body.

Also, get tested for other STDs, prevent illnesses and infections, and follow the doctor’s prescription to the latter to ensure you have a strong immunity system.



Jeff Campbell