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8 Design Trends to Elevate Your Outside Space

It’s never too early to start planning your outdoor space for summer. You want to get started early, even if you’re just in the planning stages, so that everything can be ready for spring and summer. Besides, you’ll want to take advantage of material prices before they go up in the summer. Your yard should be functional for what you want to use it for and look great and feel comfortable. To get your creative juices flowing, here are 8 design trends that will elevate your outside space.

Bringing the Indoors Out

More and more, there’s a trend towards making the outside space an extension of the interior home. Perhaps it has to do with feeling cooped up during Covid and wanting to extend the space of the house. This works in various ways, like folding glass doors leading out onto the patio. The patio itself must be very comfortable and more luxurious than some folding chairs. Cushions and upholstery make the space feel like a living or family room. You may choose to put a sofa or recliner out there to add to the feel.

Day/Night Transition

You want your yard to be usable in the nighttime and the daytime. This trend goes along with the previous one but expands on it. The first thing is that you can convert things used during the day to things that are useful at night. For instance, a patio that attracts the sun and serves as a place for social gatherings can be converted into an outdoor cinema in the evening. Or, a lounging area in the middle of the backyard can also become a firepit for snuggling up in the evening.

Natural Stone

Using natural stone conveys a rustic, throwback feeling while also giving off a serene and peaceful vibe. We can all use more of those things in our life. Natural stone is great for breaking up your lawn and adding interest. You can have a stone patio from your home in the yard. Leading up to it can be a stone pathway. Kids will enjoy jumping from one stone to another as they make their way across the yard. If you really want to go for the rustic vibe, broken and asymmetrical stones are a great choice.


Accessibility has become more of a priority, so deck builders and other contractors are offering more designs and options with inclusive features. This trend is because people want to stay in their homes as they age. It adds value to a space, and they can also welcome more people to their yards. For instance, adhesive strips can be put on steps to avoid slipping. Little tables by doorways and openings make it easy to put things down to open the doors. You can install levers instead of door knobs. One thing that’s really picking up in popularity is foot sensors on doors so they can be opened with full hands. It’s all about making the space easier for everyone to navigate safely and comfortably.

Exterior Lighting

Your yard’s lighting can make or break evening get-togethers and make a creative statement. You can use lighting to highlight certain components or installations on your property or use the lights as features. For instance, you have black lanterns with fairy lights or floor lamps giving off an elegant yellow glow. This will set the mood for your gathering and provide a good lighting scheme for a quiet night spent on the patio. As an added fun feature, lit glass sculptures can provide a stunning look to your property.

Outdoor Kitchen/Grilling Space

People love grilling outdoors. With the proliferation of cooking shows featuring grilling and the internet exposing wannabe grilling pros with more ideas than ever, there is a growing demand for more out of their grilling space. It used to be you had a barbecue, and you rolled it into place, Now, however, people are building their barbecue into their deck. They also have tables, cutting boards, and preparation space. So you can do all your work outside and never have to leave your guests to head inside. Add in a fridge and a fire oven, and you have everything you need to grill to your heart’s content.

Organic Shapes

Some indoor trends are coming outdoors as designers choose more natural and organic shapes with their designs. That means rounded or oval forms that fit in with the flow of your natural surroundings. For example, you could install a kidney or round pool that feels more like an oasis than something manufactured. With all of these rounded and natural forms, add paving as a structured complement to the organic pieces.

Sustainable Materials

More than ever, people are concerned about climate change and the world around them. This is reflected in buying patterns. If you are one of those people, then you can choose furniture with sustainable materials for guilt-free use. For instance, there is furniture made from recyclable plastic. There is also bamboo and rattan. These materials are not just rescued into making your furniture but can also be repurposed after you are done with it. Also, you can repurpose older furniture and give it a refreshed look by applying a coat of paint or by resurfacing it.

Your yard isn’t just the place where you mow your lawn and pick weeds. It’s also a place to relax, a place for your kids to play, and a place to entertain friends and family. Your property design should reflect all of these uses while also being pleasing to look at. Doing it right means that the exterior of your home could be an extension of the interiors. If you want your property to keep up with the Joneses, then try some of these tips.

















Jeff Campbell