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A Guide to the Friend Challenge Book

When was the last time you had real fun with your friends? If you don’t remember, then it’s high time to create lifelong memories and be bored no more.

In case you lack the creativity to think of some amusing ideas for your nights out with friends, the Friend Challenge Book can be of assistance. There are fifty unique challenges to try and explore with your besties, which are budget-friendly yet exciting.

The guide below will introduce you to the book.

What is it about?

The Friend Edition of the Adventure Challenge book is designed to provide lasting memories for friends who spend countless nights just sitting around while trying to come up with some fun activity to do. It contains 50 scratch-off challenges that prompt squads to get up from the couch and delve into a world of adventure.

Each adventure is covered with special foil, which users should scratch off to reveal the content. The book concept is rather simple, as once you scratch the adventure off, there’s no chance for backing out. In the course of the activity and after its completion, participants should snap photos and put them inside the memory book. If you decide to purchase the camera set, you’ll be provided with a small camera to film your experiences.


Even though the friend challenge book is designed to provide users with surprises, it offers some hints to help participants prepare for the challenge. The Adventure Challenge book features fifty friend challenges, which can be modified to fit any budget. It comes with a list of helpful hints, which is like a legend to a map. By following the hints, you can learn about the best time of day and place for doing the activity, the supplies you might need, the budget, etc.

Moreover, these hints are shaped like images that provide enough information about the activity to be completed. For instance, if you see utensils, it means you’ll be having a meal. In contrast, the waves icon means you’ll get splashed. The sun is a hint that the challenge is best done in daylight. Conversely, if you see a moon, this means the adventures start after dark.

Furthermore, the camera icon means the challenge requires you to use your camera to take a photo or film a video. Normally, you can use your smartphone or the camera that you have purchased with the set. If you see an auto icon, you will most likely need to go somewhere, not stay at home to enjoy the adventure.

Apart from the icons, users are offered a table of contents, which classifies the challenges into separate chapters. The content table will provide you with an even better idea of what to expect and how to plan your time. For example, the chapter “Rainy Days” means the adventures are suitable for gloomy days when the weather is rainy. Check out fifteen fun things to do on a rainy day at home.

Conversely, the chapter “Party Hangs” consists of activities for the entire squad that aren’t exciting to perform with a few people. The “It Takes 2 Baby,” however, consists of challenges just for two people, meaning you should do it with your bestie.

How to plan your budget and time?

Most individuals investing in this book are wondering about the cost of the adventures and the amount of time they take. Fortunately, the creators have thought of every single detail to make sure users predict the expenses and necessary time. On top of every scratch-off field, you will see a tiny dollar sign that indicates the approximate cost. Most challenges are free, while the maximum cost doesn’t exceed $50.

As far as time is concerned, the book also informs users about the approximate time they’ll need to spare to enjoy the adventure. Although the activities themselves are spontaneous, you still have to plan your time in advance. Some adventures require no more than an hour of your time, whereas others ask participants to spare 3-4 hours.


The list of rules for friends to follow is short but meaningful. The inceptive rule says disconnect to reconnect, meaning friends should get rid of their phones and connect by engaging with each other. The following link,, explains why we have to disconnect to connect. The second one says no takebacks, meaning you must finish the challenge after you scratch the field off.

The third rule is to document the journey by snapping all the fun you have with your instant camera. The ultimate rule is to show your photos off on social media and share them with the rest of the squads exploring the same book.

Final word

This book opens a world of thrill and excitement for friends to relish!

Jeff Campbell