Dads and Daughters: Strengthening the Bond

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How to Strengthen the Bond Between Father & Daughter

Even in this day and age, many fathers aren’t as close with their children as they would like to be. Work and responsibilities often get in the way of quality time, and it can be difficult to make up for it.

However, a strong bond between a father and his daughter isn’t difficult to form if you know what to do. Whether it be getting her into her girls trainers and taking a walk, or simply taking an interest in what she likes, here are some of the ways to build a stronger and better relationship.

Read to Them

Bedtime is one of the best times to bond with your child. It is calming and quiet and allows you to be present without being distracted. If your child loves reading or stories, being the one that provides this will make them associate you with something that calms and relaxes them.

This is also a way to build long-lasting memories and feelings of happiness, as your daughter will always associate you and the feelings she had at the time every time she sees or hears of the story or book.

Take Them On Outings

Another simple thing you can do is to take them on outings with you. Whether it is to the hardware store or grocery shop, you will have an hour or two of father/daughter quality time where you can have fun, take her for a snack, or just hang out.

People tend to think that quality time means having to do something fun or exciting; this isn’t always the case. Many times, it is just about being together, sharing laughs, or having a chat.

Make Them Breakfast or Dinner

Another way to build a strong bond is to be part of their routine. If you are short on time during the week, you can make an effort to either make them breakfast or dinner before or after work.

This not only ensures you are a regular fixture in their day, but it also gives you some amazing one-on-one time every day. You can make it more special by making it a team effort; she can help you cook or be the one in charge of deciding what you will eat.

Join Their Activities

Many times, it isn’t necessary to be the one of thinks of the activity you will do together; sometimes, simply joining in what she is doing is more than enough. While kids like to play pretend and are often fine doing their own thing, they will often love it if you join in.

You can either have a cup of tea and her imaginary tea party, dress up and play a character in whatever game she is playing, or wherever else it may be that helps you be part of the experience and fun.

Do the School Run

Taking the kids to school, or picking them up, is a small yet important part of a child’s day. It can be a time for them to talk about something they are excited about or worried about, and once again, it gives you dedicated time together.

If you have or can make the time, doing the school run is another opportunity to be part of something they find fun or be the person they turn to if they have a worry or problem with school.

Teach Them New Things

Teaching is and always has been a way for people to connect. The master and apprentice relationship is famous for building a strong relationship, no matter the field. If you are someone that knows a particular skill like carpentry, sharing that with your child is a must.

Even if you don’t have a hobby or skill like that, you can take the time to teach your child a new game or teach them about the sport or team that you love. This will either create or build on a shared interest the two of you have, and it will only grow with time.

Don’t Assume Their Interests

The one mistake many parents make is they assume their child likes something just because of who they are; boys don’t always have an affinity for sports and action figures, and girls don’t always love tea parties and dressing up.

Just because you love sport, fixing up or tuning cars or something similar, it doesn’t mean your daughter won’t want to join in. Never forget that children almost always enjoy being with their parents more than they enjoy doing the activity.

Watch her Favorite Show/Movie Together

Young children often associate strong feelings of happiness with their favorite show or movie; this is why adults often feel a strong sense of nostalgia or joy when they watch something they enjoyed as a child.

Making yourself part of that joy and memory is as simple as just sitting and watching with your child. You don’t have to spend all day every day doing it, but you can make a huge impact by being the person your daughter watches her favorite thing with; those are the types of memories that will last a lifetime as well.



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