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9 Best Babysitting Apps & Mobile Services for 2021

Those difficult times when finding a reliable sitter are in the past. Nowadays, there are numerous online solutions for this common parenting problem, including babysitting applications and websites. Some parents even turn to a relatively new phenomenon called virtual babysitting. But most of them still prefer traditional babysitters and like to look for nannies on the internet. Choosing a babysitter is a responsible process, and you should know the right place to search. In this article, we provide an overview of the popular babysitting services. Let’s get started!

Babysitting apps have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. It is no surprise, as they are much more convenient than working with traditional agencies or asking a teenage neighbor for help. 

Using a babysitting app is going to save you time and effort.

With such an application, you can easily find an available babysitter in your area, get acquainted with reviews of other clients, and rate a babysitter yourself. You may also search for a nanny with specific skills, reviews, and experience. Moreover, you can communicate directly with your nanny, book a particular date and time, and securely pay for services using your mobile device. It is very convenient, especially if you need a sitter on short notice. 

9 Best Babysitting Apps To Easily Find Care

Here is our list of 9 websites you can trust when searching for a good nanny for your kids. We included all the peculiarities and prices for each for your convenience. This list will also help those who want to build a babysitting app like Uber but don’t know how to create it. 

1. Sittercity

Sittercity is an app and a website where you create an account and post a sitter job. After posting the job, you will receive answers from potential nannies and start communicating with them. You can find all the necessary details in the sitter’s profile: location, reviews, experience, etc. There are search options for any type of sitter—long-term, short-term, overnight, etc. Before nannies start working with this website, they go through a detailed background check.

Pricing: The basic plan is free, but there is a premium plan for $35 monthly or $98 yearly.

2. UrbanSitter

On this website, you can look for a sitter, book, and pay for services. The system is like the previous one. You post a job, and the sitters respond to it. This service has one substantial advantage – finding a nanny based on your personal connections. You just need to fill in the information in your profile, including school, parenting groups, etc., and you can see the popular sitters among your acquaintances. 

Pricing: $34.95 per month or $124.95 per year.


This is probably the most well-known and trustworthy service in over 20 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, etc. Over 25 million people utilize it for hiring babysitters around the world. You can also find pet care, senior care, tutors, etc., on this platform. Finding a sitter in your area takes only 3 steps: you say how many kids you have, how old they are, and when you need a nanny. Nannies on this website go through detailed background and review checks.

Pricing: Creating a profile is free, but the premium plan costs $39.99 monthly or $159.99 annually.

4. Helpr

On this mobile service, you can easily find a nanny for your child within three hours. As soon as you register a profile, you are connected to the network of experienced nannies. All the sitters on this platform have at least 2-year experience, have passed various screenings, and have CPR training. Another benefit is that you pay only per hour without any monthly rates. You may book a nanny in several US cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many others. This service also offers virtual nanny services. You can ask for help with online learning or just someone to occupy your kids while you are busy.

5. Sittingaround

The approach of this platform is different from other babysitting websites. You create a group with other parents or your friends where you share contacts of reliable sitters. When you need babysitting help, you just place a request to your group, and the first one who commits receives the job. This service involves in-app payments and many other perks.

Pricing: Basic plan is free. Advanced services are $10 monthly or $100 annually.

6. Sitter

This application is a product of UrbanSitter – a leading sitting service. With Sitter, you can easily get in touch with nannies from your local service providers and find a sitter who will correspond to all your individual requirements. You can also add previous caregivers to a special list and book them again. 

Pricing: Free

7. SeekingSitters

Through SeekingSitters, you can find expert baby, house, and pet sitters. This platform cooperates with many local services to easily find expert help in your area. All the sitters on the website have undergone a detailed background check as well as CPR and First Aid training. However, you can’t communicate with the sitter directly beforehand as the platform does all of it. It also offers safe in-app payments.

Pricing: A one-time cost of $59.99 plus additional fees for the children’s care.

8. Bubble

The highlight of this babysitter app is that you may pick a sitter approved by your friends or other people. You just have to link your profile with your contact list or social media account and view the available sitter candidates. All the nannies are subjected to a  background check. Another excellent feature is that you can ask somebody to vouch for a sitter. Secure in-app payments are also provided.

Pricing: Free

9. Bambino

And last, but not least in our list of top babysitting apps is Bambino. This is a popular application that links to your social media account to search for nannies that your acquaintances use and recommend. You can book a sitter that people you know approved. Another advantage is that it offers a wide range of sitters, from junior sitters (a teenager with basic experience in childcare) to highly-experienced sitters. The service tracks the time automatically and provides in-app payment opportunities.

Pricing: Free to install. Booking fees for a junior sitter costs $1.95. All others cost up to $2.95.


Finding a good nanny for your baby can take time. Numerous applications and websites are ready to help you with this difficult task. Before you choose a platform, ensure you understand the pricing system and trust the background checks.

Jeff Campbell