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Best Gifts for Seniors – Thoughtful and Innovative


Christmas is just a couple of weeks away and you want to include a couple of helpful and thoughtful gifts for your aging parents, family members, or a lovely neighbor in your list. Yet, you hear them often say they have everything they need and it seems they are not interested in receiving any gifts. Don’t get easily tricked – we all love attention.

No doubt, finding a gift your beloved senior doesn’t have already is a daunting task. That’s why we rounded up a list of the best gifts for seniors.

Brain games

One of the best gifts for aging people is a brain game. These games offer a wide range of benefits for people over 50 or 60. Mental challenges and exercises will keep those brain cells in shape and entertain your senior day after day. Some of the most popular brain games that will help them remain mentally sharp are:

  1. Sudoku,
  2. Crossword puzzles,
  3. Jigsaw puzzles,
  4. Word searches.


Does wintertime remind you of warm blankets, hot chocolate mugs, and favorite books? Seniors love to wrap themselves up, too! Some blankets on the market are designed to promote tranquility and relaxation and reduce anxiety among the elderly population.

Helpful for seniors who are feeling anxious, have insomnia or deal with dementia, weighted blankets are scientifically proven to alleviate these symptoms. Yet, seniors in wheelchairs may have difficulties using regular blankets, as the ends get caught in the wheels easily.

The solution here is a wheelchair blanket featuring loops to keep them in place once wrapped around one’s legs. Safety and comfort – older people appreciate these two properties more than anything.

Adaptive clothing

The innovative, yet very thoughtful idea turned to life – adaptive clothing makes a great gift for the elderly with special needs, arthritis, incontinence, and limited mobility. For instance, if your beloved one has special foot care needs, e.g. gout or edema, orthotic insoles for walking, adaptive shoes and slippers may come handy.


Just because your parents, family members or neighbors belong to the old-fashioned generations, this doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the newest technology gadgets. Partially or completely deaf, visually impaired people, elderly with Alzheimer’s or dementia – the following innovations will make them have more quality life:

  1. Robotic cat or dog is a specifically designed pet for the elderly with dementia. Responsive to human touch, a robotic pet comforts older adults, provide them companionship, but doesn’t require the responsibility a living pet would ask for.
  2. Talking watch is one of the coolest and most helpful gadgets on the market for people with low vision. It would make a great gift for someone who has a hard time reading from the wristwatch. It takes a single button press to hear what time it is.
  3. A TV listening device will help your beloved one with hearing impairment. This way, you can make it possible for them to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows. The control volume button allows them to turn the volume up as much as it suits them, without bothering the rest of the crowd watching the TV.
  4. Laptop will provide them everything they need in one package.
  5. A medical alert device, like this Medical Guardian smartwatch, that helps them track appointments, weather, and keeps them connected to a monitoring center in case of emergencies.

Gift cards or tickets

Sometimes, nothing beats the emotional value of DIY gifts or the ones who can make an elderly person make new memories or live through new kinds of experiences. If your beloved one appreciates care and attention rather than things, these gifts may surprise them:

  1. Pre-paid cooking lessons,
  2. Pre-paid grocery delivery service,
  3. Arranged yard cleaning or house cleaning service,
  4. Restored old photo,
  5. Gift certificate for their favorite restaurant,
  6. Manicure, pedicure, or massage gift certificate.

Any of the listed items from our list will make a great Christmas, anniversary, or a birthday gift and make seniors from your family or a close circle thrilled to receive and try them out. Read more on our blog for seniors.

Jeff Campbell