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4 Best Practices for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Excellent oral hygiene is important to maintain, just as how important it is to keep the rest of your body clean and healthy as well.

Maintaining oral health is a long process and not an overnight success. So, it takes determination and consistency to achieve results. You probably know some tips that we included here, but it’s still a great refresher.

In this article, we tackle four best practices for your oral health so that you can keep flashing that pretty smile.

Avoid soda and other drinks with sugar.

Did you know that Coca-Cola has 39 grams of sugar in it for a 12-ounce can? That is such an unhealthy amount for your teeth. So, to keep your teeth and gums healthy, avoid drinking it and other sodas that contain high amounts of sugar. If you can, refrain from drinking any beverage with sugar at all. Besides, water is healthy and necessary. Make drinking it a habit, instead.

You may wonder why you have to cut off your sugar consumption. Well, the answer is just simple. Do you want to have cavities and eventually tooth decay? If not, then you should refrain from drinking sugary beverages and spare yourself from a damaged tooth.

See a dentist regularly.

People need a dental checkup every six months. That means you have to go to the dentist twice a year. No matter how some dread that idea, it is a non-negotiable to visit the doctor at this frequency since one, it is not too often, and two, it is for your best interest. And according to the experts at Shinanon, a dentist checkup not only checks for your oral health. They also check for other indicators.

Did you know that dentists check for signs of cancer too? That is why when you have regular dental checkups, they examine your neck and other necessary parts of your body to check for lumps. It is a preventative measure that you need so you will be holistically checked even when you just initially wanted your tooth to be taken care of.

Floss at least once a day

Many probably think that simply brushing your teeth does the trick. Although brushing your teeth is okay, flossing at least once is highly advised too. That is because the brush cannot remove the residues of the food on your teeth. It stays in between the small areas of your teeth, so the brush can sometimes move past it.

Dentists advise that you stick the floss between your teeth down to the gums before you wrap it and hug it around your teeth. Then, make an up and down motion so that any residues left can be removed.

Brush your teeth regularly.

Although this is already common knowledge, some people still skip brushing their teeth even just once a day. That is entirely unhealthy. It gives you bad breath and it even leads to tooth decay. So, refrain from doing that. Besides, you don’t necessarily need to brush your teeth for three long minutes.

There’s a quote going around online that says, “everything worth doing is worth doing well.” And that’s true. After all, brushing your teeth for just 30 seconds is way better than not brushing your teeth at all.


Jeff Campbell