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Factors to Consider When Buying Hemp Products in California

When most people think about hemp, they just think about smoking. Smoking hemp is just one of its many uses. For starters, hemp is the whole cannabis plant, and there are tens of products derived from it. These products range from hemp clothing, hemp food, and drinks, hemp health to even hemp furniture. The good thing is most of these products can be purchased in any hemp store in CA.

Not to bore you with a lengthy dissertation on hemp products, we’ll briefly highlight some of its health benefits. Let’s start with the hemp seed, widely known for its nutritious benefits. Hemp seed clears bad levels of cholesterol and helps boost the immune system.

Another very important hemp product is its seed oil. Hemp seed oils contain many essential fatty acids (such as omega 3 & 6), important vitamins (A & E), and several vital minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc.). Hemp seed oil is an antibacterial agent and is purported to treat many skin problems.

If you pride yourself as someone interested in buying high-quality products like many hemp buyers, you may want to arm yourself with enough but not an excessive amount of knowledge on the pros and cons of the hemp-buying game. 

I’ll give you some tips and some hard truths too. Ready, yes?

THC Content

Before you jazz up the joint or use any hemp product, you must, first of all, know the right THC content for your health.

Cannabis with less than 20 percent THC (0.2) is considered safe, but any value over that amount is considered very strong, and you may experience adverse effects. However, it is important to note that everyone may not experience the same psychological effects as everyone has different physiological makeup.

One of the best ways to get THC in the right levels is with a Delta 8 product. Don’t see Delta 8 near where you live? No worries, there are plenty of stores where you can buy online from.

Lab Report

You should always read the lab report before buying any hemp product.

This is because lab tests analyze whether the base product contains contaminants, other compounds, or heavy metals. If you place premium value on your health, this is very important.

You should also endeavor to check the CBD and THC profile. Plus, as a rule of thumb, when checking the lab report, check for third party lab testing because they have nothing to gain or lose from the product.

The Ingredients

Another important factor to consider is the ingredients contained in the hemp product.

A little research on the ingredients written on the label may save the day because sometimes, some of these products out there contain harmful constituents such as propylene glycol, glycerin, etc.

Customer Reviews

Humans are social beings, hence our herd mentality.

We tend to groupthink and mirror each other’s actions to survive. This herd instinct has saved our ancestors in the past. Things haven’t still changed that much. We ask for recommendations from friends and family. We look for other people’s feedback before making a buying decision. This is essential because a quick review reveals the credibility of a product.

When buying any hemp product, customers are the most objective sources.

Physiological Factors

Before using hemp for recreational or medical purposes, you need to ask yourself some hard questions.

What’s your current health status? How old are you? Had any past issues with hemp use? Though it’s true marijuana is used to treat or relieve the symptoms of many health conditions, you need to consult your doctor first to avoid getting yourself into more trouble. Results may vary among individuals; hence you should not expect the same adverse reactions for everyone.

Furthermore, you should also note that many hemp products may interfere with serious medications.

A Final Note

Just a few cannabis-derived products are FDA-approved; this explains why you need to take precautions when buying them. As a rule of thumb, read a lot of customer reviews before you make any buying decision or walk into any hemp store in California.

Jeff Campbell