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Best Christmas Stories for Kids (By Category)

Christmas time is a magical time of the year, and what better way to celebrate the festive season than snuggling up with your loved ones to read some enchanting Christmas stories? But what are the Christmas stories for kids?

Some of the best Christmas stories for kids include:

  1. “Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas” by Rod Green
  2. “How to Catch an Elf” by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton
  3. “The Princess and the Christmas Rescue” by Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton
  4. “The Great Santa Stakeout” by Betsy Bird and Dan Santat
  5. “Snowmen at Christmas” by Caralyn Buehner and Mark Buehner
  6. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” by Dr. Seuss
  7. “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” by Barbara Robinson
  8. “Auntie Claus” by Elise Primavera
  9. “Laugh-Out-Loud Christmas Jokes for Kids” by Rob Elliott
  10. “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg

These ageless stories and traditional Christmas books have bewitched generations, presenting an abundance of glittering winter landscapes, cozy dwellings, and memorable personalities. In this blog piece, we will delve into a charming array of Christmas narratives, encompassing cherished classics to contemporary yarns, international tales, and even stories laced with wit.

So, prepare a mug of steamy hot chocolate, snuggle up, and let’s embark on a journey through the enchanting realm of children’s Christmas tales!

Short Summary

  • Beloved classics bring families together to share in the festive spirit.
  • Enchanting tales of Santa Claus, stories from around the globe, and inspiring acts of kindness remind us of Christmas’ true meaning.
  • Magical tree tales, animal adventures & modern/humorous stories for all ages create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Beloved Christmas Classics for Children

Delight the little ones this festive season with beloved Christmas classics sure to warm hearts and inspire joy. These timeless tales beautifully capture the magic of Christmas, making them perfect for cozy family read-alongs during the holidays.

“The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg

“The Polar Express,” a treasured classic, narrates the captivating odyssey of a young lad to the North Pole on the eve of Christmas. Its spellbinding imagery and uplifting narrative make it an ideal reading selection for youngsters across all age groups.

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” by Dr. Seuss

No Christmas bookshelf would be complete without Dr. Seuss’s iconic “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”. This delightful tale reminds readers about the true spirit of Christmas beyond the presents and decorations.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” by Robert L. May

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” by Robert L. May has captured hearts since its initial release in 1939. This charming tale of acceptance and embracing one’s distinct attributes serves as a motivational read for children.

“The Snowman” by Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs’ “The Snowman” is a magnificently depicted silent book that chronicles the escapades of a young boy and his snowman companion. The delightful and fanciful narrative, paired with exquisite imagery, vivifies the enchantment of Christmas.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” by Charles M. Schulz

Charles M. Schulz’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” captures the melancholy and hope that can come with the season. It’s a comforting and relatable tale, reminding us of Christmas’s simple joys.

“The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore

“The Night Before Christmas” is a poetic classic that has sparked the imagination of many children during the holiday season. Its nostalgic, rhythmic storytelling and charming imagery are sure to make it a family favorite.

“The Christmas Story” by Jane Werner Watson

This beautifully illustrated book presents the traditional story of baby Jesus’s birth in a simple, straightforward manner that’s perfect for young readers.

It covers the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, the visit from the Shepherds, and the arrival of the three Wise Men, and, of course, the birth of Jesus, providing a classic introduction to the true meaning of Christmas.

“The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry

Under the pseudonym of O. Henry, William Sydney Porter penned one of the most renowned Christmas narratives ever: “The Gift of the Magi”.

This tale has morphed into a classic festive narrative emphasizing love, selflessness, and benevolence. It’s a touching account of a financially challenged young pair desiring to present each other with Christmas gifts, culminating in an ironic twist characteristic of O. Henry’s storytelling approach.

The story continues to be a beloved piece of Christmas literature and has been adapted in numerous forms over the years.

Enchanting Tales of Santa Claus

These exceptional Christmas books wonderfully unravel the essence of Christmas and the enchanting exploits of the merry Saint Nick, captivating both the young and the young at heart.

“The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus” by L. Frank Baum

A gem from the author of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” this story brings a unique and imaginative backstory to the beloved Santa Claus. Exploring themes of kindness, generosity, and the magic of childhood, it’s a delightful read for any Santa fan.

“Santa Calls” by William Joyce

“Santa Calls” is a captivating tale filled with adventure and surprises. When Santa Claus calls three children for a special mission, an exciting journey ensues. The book’s beautiful illustrations and engaging storyline make it an enchanting holiday read.

“Rise of the Guardians: Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King” by William Joyce

This story presents a fresh and heroic view of Santa Claus, making it appealing to older children. Nicholas St. North transforms from a bandit to a hero, ultimately becoming the Santa Claus we know and love, in this action-packed adventure.

“Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas” by Rod Green

This interactive book offers a delightful exploration of Santa’s world, complete with envelopes to open, secret codes to decipher, and beautiful illustrations. It presents a fun and magical tale that will captivate readers’ imaginations.

“The Autobiography of Santa Claus” by Jeff Guinn

Presenting a fun twist, this “autobiography” shares Santa’s life from his point of view, covering over seventeen centuries. It combines historical events and magical realism to deliver a fascinating tale that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Christmas Stories from Around the Globe

Embark on a festive journey with these captivating classic Christmas stories from around the globe. Let’s discover the rich diversity of holiday traditions, one book at a time.

“Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas” by Rod Green

Step into the magical universe of Santa Claus with Rod Green’s engaging book. Exploring the various manifestations of Father Christmas worldwide, it beautifully highlights the diverse ways cultures celebrate the holiday season.

“Joy to the World: Christmas Stories from Around the Globe” by Saviour Pirotta

This collection brings to life Christmas stories from different cultures, showcasing the global interpretations of this beloved holiday. Pirotta’s vivid storytelling transcends borders and unites readers in the universal spirit of Christmas.

“Christmas Around the World” by Mary D. Lankford

In this illuminating book, Lankford explores Christmas traditions in 12 different cultures. Filled with vibrant illustrations and informative text, this book takes readers on a festive journey around the globe.

“A World of Cookies for Santa: Follow Santa’s Tasty Trip Around the World” by M.E. Furman

Travel with Santa on his delicious journey around the globe. Furman’s book delightfully showcases diverse holiday customs through the universal love for cookies, making it a sweet read for the Christmas season.

“Tree of Cranes” by Allen Say

Experience a Japanese Christmas through the eyes of a young boy in Allen Say’s “Tree of Cranes”. This beautifully illustrated story offers a unique perspective on Christmas traditions, promoting cultural understanding and holiday cheer.

Inspiring Stories of Giving and Kindness During the Holiday Season

Dive into the holiday season’s spirit with these inspiring stories of giving and kindness. Let’s unwrap these timeless Christmas stories, each brimming with goodwill and generosity.

“Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas” by Rod Green

Rod Green’s heartwarming book invites us into Santa Claus’ world, illuminating the inherent kindness and generosity that the character embodies. An exploration of global Christmas traditions, it’s a delightful reminder of the holiday season’s true essence.

“The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein

“The Giving Tree”, a timeless tale by Shel Silverstein, showcases the joy of selfless giving. Its message, though universal, resonates profoundly during the holiday season, reminding readers of the real joy in giving.

“The Christmas Jar” by Jason F. Wright

This novel introduces the Maxwell family’s tradition of filling a jar with money to gift someone in need each Christmas. “The Christmas Jar” is an uplifting story of the magic of generous giving during the holiday season.

“The Berenstain Bears and The Joy of Giving” by Jan and Mike Berenstain

This engaging book teaches young readers about the joy of giving during the holiday season. Through the beloved Bear cubs, readers learn to appreciate the importance of generosity and kindness.

“The Last Holiday Concert” by Andrew Clements

Clements’ “The Last Holiday Concert” offers a heartwarming story of children learning the values of cooperation, generosity, and selflessness during the holiday season. A great reminder of the true spirit of holiday giving.

Magical Christmas Tree Tales for Kids

Let’s embark on a magical journey through Christmas tree tales for kids. These books illuminate the holiday season, turning evergreens into enchanting storytellers.

“Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas” by Rod Green

Rod Green’s captivating book explores the magic of the holiday season through the perspective of Santa Claus, with special emphasis on the iconic Christmas tree. It’s a charming read for children to delve into the enchantment of Christmas traditions.

“The Littlest Christmas Tree” by R.A. Herman

This heartwarming tale follows the journey of the smallest Christmas tree, eagerly waiting to grow tall enough to be chosen by a family. Herman’s story teaches kids about patience and the magic of Christmas through a tree’s eyes.

“Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree” by Robert Barry

Mr. Willowby’s tree is too tall for his parlor, so he trims off the top and passes it on, starting a chain of festive giving. Barry’s tale wonderfully illustrates the sharing spirit of Christmas using a magical tree.

“The Christmas Tree That Loved Trains” by Annie Silvestro

Silvestro’s enchanting book tells the story of a tree that adores the trains which pass by daily. As it becomes a family’s Christmas tree, it misses its train friends, leading to a magical holiday surprise.

“The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree” by Gloria Houston

In this Appalachian Christmas tale, a little girl’s family is chosen to provide the village’s Christmas tree. Despite obstacles, the family fulfills its duty in a magical and heartwarming way. Houston’s tale is a testament to family, courage, and holiday magic.

Animal Adventures in Christmas Stories

Get ready for a wild holiday season with these delightful animal adventures in Christmas stories. Join our furry friends as they bring festive cheer in their own unique ways.

“Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas” by Rod Green

Take a magical journey with Santa’s reindeer in Rod Green’s enchanting book. Discover their special role in spreading joy and delivering presents worldwide, making it an adventurous tale perfect for children during the Christmas season.

“The Animals’ Merry Christmas” by Kathryn B. Jackson

In Jackson’s “The Animals’ Merry Christmas”, forest creatures discover the magic of the holiday season. From finding gifts to helping Santa, these animal friends embark on festive adventures that celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

“Olive, The Other Reindeer” by Vivian Walsh and J. Otto Seibold

A charming story of a dog named Olive who believes she is a reindeer and decides to guide Santa’s sleigh. This whimsical tale provides a fun and unique perspective on Christmas adventures, starring a lovable canine protagonist.

“Merry Christmas, Squirrels!” by Nancy Rose

Follow Mr. Peanuts, a clever squirrel, as he gets ready for Christmas. From sending out cards to decorating his tree, Rose’s story captures the Christmas spirit in a way that’s fun, relatable, and completely squirrelly.

“The Wild Christmas Reindeer” by Jan Brett

This book spins a captivating tale of Teeka, a young girl tasked with preparing Santa’s reindeer for their annual flight. Her journey teaches her—and the reindeer—the true meaning of teamwork and respect, highlighting the spirit of the season.

Modern Christmas Stories for Kids

Let’s dive into the holiday spirit with these modern Christmas stories for kids. From new takes on classic themes to fresh holiday adventures, these books bring Christmas cheer to the 21st century.

“Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas” by Rod Green

Rod Green’s enchanting book brings Santa Claus to the modern world, providing a vibrant exploration of global Christmas traditions. Its charming illustrations and engaging storytelling make it a must-read for the contemporary child.

“How to Catch an Elf” by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton

Wallace’s playful book explores a high-tech approach to catching one of Santa’s elves. Its mix of holiday magic and modern invention offers a fresh, exciting take on Christmas stories, keeping kids intrigued and entertained.

“The Princess and the Christmas Rescue” by Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton

In this modern fairy tale, a tech-savvy princess uses her inventing skills to save Christmas. Hart’s book combines festive spirit with a celebration of science and creativity, ideal for inspiring today’s young readers.

“The Great Santa Stakeout” by Betsy Bird and Dan Santat

Follow a kid detective on his mission to capture Santa on film in this fun, modern tale. This story mixes the time-honored tradition of waiting for Santa with a modern twist, making it a unique addition to any holiday reading list.

“Snowmen at Christmas” by Caralyn Buehner and Mark Buehner

Discover the secret life of snowmen in this imaginative Christmas story. Set in a beautifully illustrated modern winter cityscape, it’s a delightful blend of traditional holiday magic and contemporary storytelling.

Christmas Stories with a Touch of Humor

Add a sprinkle of humor to your holiday season with these delightful Christmas stories. They’ll tickle your funny bone while warming your heart with holiday cheer.

“Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas” by Rod Green

In Rod Green’s tale, Santa Claus’ jolly character, combined with the mishaps of his hardworking elves, brings a touch of humor to the beloved traditions of Christmas. It’s a magical read filled with festive laughter.

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss’ classic tale of the grumpy Grinch is infused with the author’s signature humor. The Grinch’s eventual change of heart provides laughs and lessons, making it a favorite for a light-hearted holiday read.

“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” by Barbara Robinson

When the Herdman kids – the worst kids in the history of the world – take over the annual Christmas pageant, hilarity ensues. Robinson’s tale is a laugh-out-loud take on community traditions and holiday spirit.

“Auntie Claus” by Elise Primavera

Join Sophie Kringle in her humorous and heartwarming journey of discovering her Auntie Claus’ secret identity. Full of Christmas magic and laugh-inducing moments, this tale brings a unique and amusing twist to the holiday season.

“Laugh-Out-Loud Christmas Jokes for Kids” by Rob Elliott

Rob Elliott’s book provides an abundance of festive humor that kids can share with family and friends. A compendium of holiday-themed jokes, puns, and riddles, this fun read guarantees a ho-ho-whole lot of laughter.

Christmas Stories for Younger Readers

Immerse younger readers in the magic of the holiday season with these enchanting Christmas stories. These books are perfect for creating cozy, festive moments with your little ones.

“Santa Claus: The Magical World of Father Christmas” by Rod Green

With engaging illustrations and delightful storytelling, Rod Green’s book offers an enchanting introduction to Santa Claus and his Christmas magic. It’s a beautifully crafted tale that younger readers will adore.

“The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg

All aboard for a dreamlike journey to the North Pole! This beautifully illustrated book, with its gentle, dreamy storyline, captures the magic of Christmas and the wonder of childhood, making it a perfect read for little ones.

“Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Join Stick Man on his unexpected adventure and eventual rescue by Santa Claus. This rhyming tale with lively illustrations offers a mix of suspense, humor, and Christmas spirit, making it a captivating read for young children.

“Snowmen at Night” by Caralyn Buehner and Mark Buehner

Ever wondered what snowmen do at night? This book reveals their secret world in a playful and imaginative story, full of snowy fun and moonlit adventures. It’s a magical winter read for younger audiences.

“Merry Christmas, Stinky Face” by Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore

A heartwarming tale of a little boy with a big imagination and his loving mom who has a reassuring answer to every question. This humorous and sweet book brings the warmth of Christmas to the youngest of readers.


In conclusion, Christmas stories have the power to transport us to a world of magic, wonder, and joy, uniting generations through timeless tales of love, hope, and the true spirit of the holiday season.

From beloved classics to modern adventures, from stories featuring Santa Claus and magical Christmas trees to heartwarming tales of giving and kindness, these enchanting Christmas stories for kids will delight and inspire readers of all ages. So this holiday season, gather your loved ones, snuggle up by the fire, and share the magic of Christmas stories that will warm your hearts and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an interesting Christmas story for kids?

An all-time favorite and interesting Christmas story for kids is “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg.

This classic story captivates younger children with its magical journey to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. The protagonist, a young boy, along with other children in their cozy pajamas, boards the Polar Express, a train filled with hot chocolate and candy. The sweet story climaxes when the boy meets Santa Claus himself and receives the first gift of Christmas.

Waking up on Christmas morning, he finds the silver bell Santa gave him, which only believers in the magic of Christmas can hear. The enchanting tale with its beautiful illustrations stirs the imagination, brings to life the magic of the holiday season, and instills a sense of belief and wonder in the hearts of children.

What is a good Christmas story?

A classic Christmas story that captures the true meaning of the season is “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry – a tale of love and selflessness between a young married couple who wish to buy beautiful presents for one another, despite having little money.

Other popular family-friendly stories include A Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Polar Express, and more!

What is an example of a short story about Christmas?

“The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry is a well-known Christmas short story about a young married couple who strive to buy each other special presents despite having very little money.

The couple, Della and Jim, are both willing to sacrifice their most prized possessions in order to give the other a meaningful gift. D. D.

Can you recommend any humorous Christmas stories?

Why not try out “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “The Christmasaurus,” or “The Great Reindeer Rebellion”? They are humorous Christmas stories that will bring laughter to readers of all ages.

These stories are perfect for the holiday season and will be sure to bring a smile to your face. They are sure to be a hit with the whole family. So why not give them a try this Christmas?

Jeff Campbell