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How to Bet on College Football: A Guide

College football became widely recognized as America’s greatest sporting spectacle way back in the 1920s, and it continues to be hugely popular today. In fact, many people enjoy placing a bet while watching their favorite teams each week.

But what should you know about wagering on college football? Although it can be great fun to gamble on this sport, if you don’t know what you are doing, it could cost you a lot of money. Although there is plenty to learn, you can begin your college football betting journey by learning some key points.

Let’s dive in and find out more.

Pick the Right College Football Bookmaker

With so many bookmakers advertising their services, it can be challenging to know which one to pick. However, the first rule is to make sure your preferred bookmaker is legitimate and offers a reliable service. Look for companies that are well-established and have intuitive websites that make it easy to select and place your college football bets.

You can also benefit from using sites that have already done the hard work and prepared a list of top-class bookmakers. If this sounds ideal, follow this link.

Look Out for College Football Betting Promotions

It can be daunting to risk your own money when starting out with college football betting. To lower the risk, you can look out for bookmakers’ promotions that give you free bets if you wager a certain amount. While you could lose your initial stake, you can then place your free bet from the bookmaker.

This can be a great way to gain more experience in college football betting without risking more of your hard-earned cash.

Understand the Odds

The odds tell you how likely the bookmaker thinks it is that a particular outcome will occur. They also tell you how much you can win. You may see odds written in fractional form, or in decimal form, and it’s crucial to learn what the numbers mean. You can then place college football sports bets that represent fair value for money.

Learn About the Different Types of Bets

Before you bet on sports, it’s best to learn about the types of available bets. There are plenty of options, but here are some of the most popular wagers.

Moneyline Bets

The most straightforward bet is a moneyline wager. This simply involves picking which team you think will win the game. If you’re correct, you win the bet. If you’re wrong, the bookmaker wins.

Point Spreads

In this bet, the bookmaker will state that one team will beat another by a certain margin, and you wager on whether that will happen or not. This can be an exciting type of wager as the score can fluctuate closer to, or further away from, the margin of victory throughout the game.

Over/Under Bets

Over/under bets require you to predict if the two football teams’ combined score will be over or under a specific number. As you’re betting on the total score, you are not wagering on one team. This can keep the bet interesting even if you don’t support either of the teams that are playing.


If you want to place a long-term bet, a futures wager could be for you. Rather than betting on individual games, you’ll be speculating on who will win an entire tournament. This can be a fun way to maintain an interest in the results of many teams throughout the season.

College Football Betting Mistakes to Avoid

While there is a chance you could win or lose on any particular bet, there are some common errors that could see you lose more often than expected. Avoid making the following mistakes to increase your chances of success.

Betting With Your Heart

Everyone wants their favorite team to win, but this doesn’t mean you should bet that they will. Try to keep a clear head and think logically about the most likely outcome. If your team stands a good chance of losing the game, don’t bet on them to win.

Not Managing Your Bankroll

It’s easy to get excited when placing college football bets, and you could end up wagering too much money on one game. This could reduce your bankroll and leave you without enough cash to place more bets while you wait for the first wager to settle. Be conservative and try to manage your bankroll so you can bet on multiple games simultaneously.

Being Complacent

If a team seems to be winning every week, you might be tempted to bet on them to win their next game. But, if you haven’t checked, you could find they now have a lot of injuries which could make them more likely to lose to their next opponent. Avoid being complacent and take the time to look up the relevant information that could help you place a winning bet.

Chasing Losses

Sometimes you’ll lose when betting on college football, and the last thing you should do is chase your losses. This could lead to you losing more money than you can afford. Set betting limits and take regular short breaks to refresh your mind.

Enjoy Betting on College Football

When you understand how to bet on college football, you could enjoy making some extra cash while spectating your favorite teams. It’s vital to only place wagers with reputable bookmakers, and to learn how to calculate the odds. Ensuring you know what each type of bet entails, and staying in control of your betting at all times can also make the experience more pleasant.

Remember to have fun while you place your college football bets!

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