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Common Players Issues After GamStop Expires

GamStop has been the best-known and the most commonly used platform of this kind in the United Kingdom. It covers more than 200 sites for gambling in the country. As a player, you can choose the duration of self-exclusion. Once it ends, you should be able to gamble again. But, some players have experienced issues after their self-exclusion has ended. We are going to talk about these issues now.

Unable to Gamble After Self-Exclusion Has Ended

This is not a common problem but it affects some players. The issue starts when your self-exclusion ban expires. You can choose months or longer options such as 1 or 5 years. After this period of time, you should be able to gamble once again at all casinos in the United Kingdom. Well, some players are unable to do this.

When the self-exclusion ends, you will have to contact the customer support at GamStop and they will remove the ban. After that, you can gamble again. This takes 24 hours. Despite the fact some players did this, they are still unable to gamble. The casino where they want to play games will refuse to open an account or to log in to their previous account. The only way is to start using casinos not on GamStop self-exclusion, for example, Euphoria Wins brand that is available for all players. As such they are unable to play games at the casino where they want.

It is important to add that most people after their self-exclusion ends will not want to gamble again. This makes GamStop extremely effective considering more than 80% are not interested in gambling once again. This also means that some people will want to continue gambling. If this happens to you, you are in a problem.

There are a few things you can do here. In reality, most of these will not work or they will need too much time. Hence, we can see two things that may help you and allow you to gamble once again. The first one is to contact the support at the casino where you want to play. It is possible that your account is still banned and as such, you cannot play games there. The second option is to contact GamStop and tell them about this issue. Sadly, these two things you can do are not guaranteed to help you and resolve your issue. However, some players were able to fix their problem and they were able to gamble once again.

It is unclear why this happens. The only probable explanation is that the casino will keep your data and as such, they will block your account. This is a problem in the casino’s end and as such, it should be solved by the casino.

Luckily you always have more options. There are a lot of casinos that are not on GamStop nor have any links of this kind. These casinos can be accessed even if you have active self-exclusion on GamStop and obviously after it has expired. 

GamStop Will Keep Your Data

GamStop needs your data in order to work. This data includes your name, address, telephone number and so much more. Ideally, you will want your data removed from their servers. But, first, you need to know how long GamStop will keep your data. They will keep it as long as the self-exclusion lasts. After that, they will keep it for 7 more years. If the data is shared with GamCare it will be stored on their serves for additional 30 days. 

In general, GamStop does keep users’ data for too long. This has been one of the most common complaints and issues for some gamblers, but it is how GamStop works in the reality. There won’t be any issues or problems here but it is not appealing knowing that some platform has your data and they will keep it for years. This is actually one of the reasons why some people don’t like using GamStop and they prefer other platforms or blocking software. The software we have mentioned here doesn’t require all of the data as GamStop and they don’t store it on the servers.

The only thing you can do here is to call or contact GamStop and ask them to delete your data. This will work in most cases and your data will be actually deleted after a specific period of time they tell you. However, they will not delete the data as long as you have active self-exclusion. Obviously, if your data is deleted the casino can accept your account again and it will make the entire platform useless. Keep in mind that you cannot remove self-exclusion until it ends. There are no legal nor possible ways to do this

The Final Word

GamStop is still every effective and appealing platform that helps players from the United Kingdom. Another thing you need to know is that online and offline gambling is different. Obviously, the online players are more affected and more dangerous, because they can do it from their smartphones. It is the most effective which does tell you a lot. There are some issues like with anything else. For most players, these are not important. But, for some these can cause a lot of trouble. You need to know about these before you start using GamStop and activate your self-exclusion. 



Jeff Campbell