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Where GamStop Customers Can Play Roulette

Online roulette has been one of the most popular casino games in the United Kingdom. Reasons for that are obvious. You can bet on famous red or black and the thrill while the wheel is spinning is at the highest level possible. But what if you are a GamStop user? Luckily for you, there is an alternative that can save the day. 

What is GamStop?

GamStop is an organization located in the United Kingdom. Basically, this is a popular blocking system. The idea is that a gambler with a gambling addiction or who is worried about this issue, will register the account, provide needed information, and after that, all gambling sites will be unavailable. This is also known as self-exclusion and it is very popular in the UK. Keep in mind that all UKGC sites must support GamStop. In other words, once you register here, you won’t be able to use all UKGC casinos and similar sites! 

The duration of a self-exclusion period is something every player can choose. There are multiple options and the goal is to choose the one that will give you plenty of time to sort out your issue. Try to remember that you cannot remove the self-exclusion period before it ends. What this means, is you won’t be able to gamble until that period expires. Only then all the sites with UKGC licenses will become available.  

Where GamStop Users Can Play Roulette?

As you know by now, all sites with Roulette and the UKGC license use GamStop. Obviously, if you are under a self-exclusion period, you cannot play Roulette here. You cannot play other games either. The solution comes in the form of roulette sites not on GamStop at NonGamStopSlots available in the United Kingdom. So what are they?

These are casinos, like the UK ones that don’t have a UKGC license. As such, they do not have to support GamStop and they can accept all players, including the ones that are under self-exclusion period. Keep in mind that here you can play all kinds of games.

Casinos of this kind are safe and fair. They still come with a license (typically from Curacao eGaming) and they do promote responsible gaming. You can play here legally and enjoy all the perks at any other casino. There are no issues of any kind. But, it is important to find a reputable casino that will give you the best promotions and the best offer of roulette. Online Roulette comes in many, different forms and each one is appealing. 

There are no major differences between GamStop and non GamStop casinos. You will still need to create the account and deposit funds. However, sites that do not support UKGC and therefore GamStop, allow you to use credit cards among many other methods. All UKGC sites do not allow you this anymore due to new UKGC regulations and rules. The casinos we are discussing here are also known for better bonuses and promotions. They don’t have to pay high taxes so they can offer better matches and welcome offers to newbies and also some offers for regular players.

It is important to add that these sites still promote responsible gaming, but they may not be a member of any organization. They are commonly used but gamblers who are under self-exclusion period, but still want to gamble occasionally.

All other options are available as well. You can play all kinds of games, contact customer support when needed and withdraw your winnings. Some of these casinos have a simple verification that can be completed within minutes. Others have a bit more demanding process. But, all of them have a verification process that is much easier than with any UKGC license casino. Once again, this gambling commission has complicated and annoying requirements for most gamblers. In some cases, UKGC is actually forcing the UK casinos to complete long verification processes. 


There are almost countless sites that will accept all GamStop users and allow them to play roulette without any complications or additional steps. Nowadays, when big brands acquire each other, many GamStop players just want to find a place where they can play safely. Those casinos should be considered if you don’t have any issues gambling and you can control your gambling needs. Don’t forget that here you can play additional games, use amazing bonuses and so much more. But, you should play responsibly and enjoy Roulette. 

Jeff Campbell