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3 Reasons to Take Your Honeymoon in Ireland

Ireland is a wonderful travel destination for any traveler, whether you want a place for fun activities or for a special occasion.

If you are a couple looking for a destination for your honeymoon then Ireland should be among the top places on your bucket list.

Ireland has many beautiful and good activities that you will enjoy during your entire honeymoon period.

This wonderful island gives you an opportunity to experience together the culture, history, adventures as well as beautiful sceneries. From the charming old streets of Galway to Game of Thrones castles, Ireland is quite an exquisite place for a romantic trip.

Here are 3 reasons to take your honeymoon in Ireland.

A wide range of scenic views

Ireland’s’ landscape is great providing a wide range of scenic views and an opportunity to take part in tours such as horseback tours.

The rolling crisscrossed green hills in Ireland, animals as well as natural landscapes like sea cliffs, rocky hills, and sandy beaches are very romantic.

The romantic history and castles from Ross Castle to the Aran Islands are all worth investing your time and money into.

The scenic splendor of the beautiful sites is countless. Ireland provides a perfect place for adventure lovers so take this time to visit various places.

Choose from the various activities like horseback riding, attend a romantic jazz event or take a walk on the beach.

Lovers of outdoors are likely to have a splendid time during their honeymoon period since they can relax beside the lakes and engage in activities such as fishing, surfing, paddling, snorkeling among many others.

Ireland also has quiet lanes that are perfect for biking and dozens of hills and mountains for those who love hiking.

Friendly locals

Nobody wants to spend their memorable time and special moments with their loved ones, especially their honeymoon shunned by unfriendly locals.

If you are a couple searching for some of the top friendliest cities for your honeymoon, then consider Ireland.

You will be embraced by a feeling of homeliness within a peaceful and calm environment and among hospitable locals.

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Versatile accommodation services

There are many accommodation options ranging from sleeping in castles, inns to other cozy romantic places you can stay in Ireland.

This versatility depends on what you as a couple loves. Whether you’d like to spend your honeymoon in an urban city such as Dublin or Cork or spend time deep into the rural areas such as Dingle.

Ireland also has historical buildings like restored castles and castle ruins displaying the Irish architecture in the countryside.

Most of them have been renovated and reopened as luxury hotels if you want to get a feel of royalty. One of these castles is the Ashford Castle which has a beautiful view of the lake located about an hour from Galway.

It doesn’t really matter whether you love adventure or prefer a calm, environment where you can enjoy the historic nature of your honeymoon destination you will not miss a favorite site.

For those who love a drink or two enjoy a taste of the traditional Irish spirits and drinks such as Guinness and Jameson.

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Jeff Campbell