List of the Most Promising Degrees in Healthcare and Medicine

Did you know that a healthcare professional can earn as much as 250,000 dollars per year (or even more)? With diseases on the rise, it became obvious that doctors and nurses will become the top-demanded and paid professions nowadays. Today, these jobs are mostly associated with risks of being infected and even dying, but the world treats physicians and nurses as real heroes.

You can check out the impact of new coronavirus on the global healthcare industry to get the idea.

Anyway, the gaps between healthcare professions still exist. The representatives of this field have different schedules, duties, and, of course, salaries. How, how should a student pick a degree in nursing and medicine if they wish to get highly paid? This post will give you a hint!

Boston University – Boston MA

Most of the healthcare experts in the US come from Boston.

This city offers the best choice of places where one can obtain a degree in nursing and medicine. It is also fun to visit. The local university is famous for its research center and unique opportunities that it offers to the students.

The acceptance rate is pretty low, and a lot of attention is paid to the quality of admissions essays. It’s interesting to know that the first telephone in the world was invented in this institution.

Today, the university offers a great variety of resources required for independent studies, with a focus on healthcare and medicine.

One can combine two major programs at Boston University: tech and healthcare.

Along with the natural sciences, students have a chance to master different IT tools. In addition, this college proposes programs in social sciences and humanities. Those who are interested in healthcare majors should think about these options:

  • The Basics of Psychology
  • Liberal arts
  • Health & Disability across the Lifespan
  • Intro to Critical Inquiry

Different healthcare providers attend the university regularly to perform in public and give students an opportunity to pass internships in the best medical organizations. The final stage is writing complex coursework and defending it.

Northeastern University – Boston, MA

Here is another Boston’s “child.” Many experts rate this university high when it comes to degrees in healthcare and science.

The most popular degree in the Northeastern University is the Bachelor in Science (BA). The college provides students with everything necessary for conducting independent research and takes an active part in studying and treating COVID-19.

The institution has more than three thousand partnerships around the world. The major fields that one can study here include:

  • Health administration
  • Liberal arts
  • Community-based health promotion
  • Natural sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Public health

Each year, students can take part in the Capstone project, which is set as a competition.

The winners receive offers from the top healthcare organizations, offering an internship or even first serious job. Most of the local graduates used to become surgeons, psychologists, researchers, and healthcare administrators.

Northeastern University has two unique programs that one will not find anywhere else – those are The American Healthcare System and Community & Public Health. Once again, the way an essay writer prepares a personal statement may have a great impact on the result of the application process.

Arizona State University

This university has a higher acceptance rate than others that specialize in healthcare administration and nursing.

It has developed one of the first online programs in the US that allow graduating without having to attend the lectures physically. As for those who have an opportunity to visit this college, Arizona State University offers convenient, four Phoenix-area campuses.

Learning and research centers here are available for both online and offline students. The primary subjects involve:

  • Healthcare administration
  • Biostatistics
  • Secondary language (e.g., Spanish)
  • Integrated care
  • Healthcare legislation
  • Nursing
  • Human resources management
  • Communication
  • Organizational Behavior (OB)

The college has one option that makes it stand out: its Mayo Clinic’s echocardiography certificate. That would be a great attachment to anyone’s degree.


Studying healthcare and medicine today is essential and valuable than ever.

Though most of the universities offer bachelor’s, obtaining an MA in any of the health-related fields is highly recommended. You can do it traditionally or online – the degree will be valued the same way. Also, take some time to look at the official list of the top MA programs in health sciences.

Unlike the first two, the last college on this shortlist, Arizona State University, accepts more students every year. Thus, if you fail to enter another university, think about applying to this institution.

You will not stay without a good job, having a degree in the health-related area in any case!

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