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Destiny 2 Guide: How to Earn Glimmer Fast in 2022

Destiny 2 releases with a blend of FPS and MMO elements by Activities for Multiple Platforms. Currency assumes a vital role, especially in MMO titles, as it helps you unlock additional content and purchase weapons, including gears and equipment to make your character powerful.

Similarly, Destiny 2 has a variety of currencies, and players need them on different occasions. The popular currencies are the following: Legendary Shards, Glimmer, Bright Dust, and Silver. Furthermore, two currencies are primary and help you purchase items. You can use Glimmer in every situation, and Legendary Shard is similar to Glimmer and is often discovered after dismantling legendary gear.

Besides Glimmer and Legendary Shard, Bright Dust and Sliver are two other currencies that the player can use when it comes to purchasing cosmetics from Eververse Store. You can’t get Silver by completing in-game quests and missions, as it is only obtainable using real-world money; however, Bright Dust can be obtained by completing quests and bounties.

Apart from currencies, many players are curious to know about Trials flawless carries, which is only obtainable by unlocking the lighthouse, which is only possible if you get consecutive wins in the Player versus Player event. If you are new to the game and don’t know how to earn in-game currency, keep reading Fastest Ways to Earn Glimmer in 2022 for free.

Best Methods to Farm Glimmer for Free

Indeed, you have learned the importance of Glimmer in Destiny 2. With Glimmer, you can perform anything you wish to do in the game, including killing enemies of low levels. It is miserable to keep yourself out of red because it requires a lot of Glimmers to defeat enemies. Therefore, we jump in to help you earn more Glimmer in the best possible ways mentioned below.

1. Find and Unlock Region Chests

Visiting planets and searching out all Region Chests may help you earn more Glimmer in a fast way. To discover the Region Chests, you should get help from the map, whereon you discover a cross with a dot. Reaching the targeted location may help you reveal the Chests that contain Glimmer for free.

As you the chest, you will receive some gear, but once you reach the max level, you will start getting valuable items. Each chest gives you almost 1K Glimmer; however, the amount can differ on each planet.

2. Participate in Heroic Public Events

In contrast to Region Chests, Heroic Public Events take a bit longer; however, they are endless. You can claim almost 600 Glimmer from each event and earn more for driving enemies out of the event.

3. Earn Glimmer by Dismantling Shaders

Besides Region Chests, the best way to get Glimmer for free is to Dismantle Shaders. We suggest you use the third method if you aren’t satisfied with the top two ways. The shaders may leave you hundreds of Glimmers, and probably you have hundreds of Crucible and Vanguard Shaders. So, there are thousands of Glimmers to collect when you go around the environment. An option was introduced to bulk delete shaders which may save lots of your hours.

4. Make use of Rainmakers

It is very fortunate to find Rainmakers in your inventory. Players with close-range kills may have an opportunity to get their hands-on Glimmer. However, it lasts for four hours and will happen several times as you zoom around and complete activities when farming Public Events.

5. Dominate Crucible Matches for Glimmer

You know that Crucible Matches are a suitable and favorite place for Guardians, who usually love to spend their time. Furthermore, it helps you level up your character fast while getting new gears and earning more Glimmer for free. In short, Crucible Matches aren’t considered to earn Glimmer fast; you could expect to get up to 700 per round.

Moreover, the amount of Glimmer depends on your chosen mode and your performance, but you can pull 700 constantly by winning a match. If you decide to spend your time, then getting Glimmer might be a bonus.

6. Learn Trading with Spider

If you are new to the game, you should learn to trade with Spider. On a regular basis, Spider will offer different items or accept different goods in exchange for Glimmer. Whenever you visit Spider for trading, he may ask you for Legendary Shards or Planetary Materials, and in exchange, he might give you 25K Glimmer.

Therefore, trading with Spider is considered the best way to earn Glimmer fast in Destiny 2. To start, you have to decide whether you need Legendary Shards or Planetary Items or not. If you need them, making Glimmer from Spider isn’t possible; trading them with Spider may help you earn Glimmer fast.


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