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5 Reasons to Buy a Home in Naples

Naples continues to be one of the most sought-after areas in the United States. But what is the appeal? Are the homes that alluring? Can’t these houses be found anywhere in the country?

Well, there’s just something about this Florida City that makes it stand out from the rest. And fortunately, Real Estate Brokers like Compass pride themselves on helping buyers to find the right home, the right community, and the right reasons to make the next big real estate move in their life.

Is Naples your dream destination for your new home? Here are 5 reasons why we think so!

Breathtaking beaches

You may think that if you’ve seen one beach you’ve seen them all. Naples is proud to break that perception. The true allure of Naples unfolds across its incredible coastline, offering residents a front-row seat to some of the world’s most breathtaking natural beauty.

Whether you prefer to read in a peaceful part of a clean beach or take in some of the area’s livelier sandy shores, there’s a little something for everyone in Naples. Prefer being active? Join in with one of the many aquatic activities available!

The good life

When we say that there’s something for everyone in Naples, we meant it! Coconut Point and Fifth Avenue give you some much-needed retail therapy after a long day of golfing, walking, or relaxing by the beach. Residents are spoilt for choice with a range of acclaimed cuisines from multiple restaurants within walking distance of all key amenities.

If you have more of an appetite for fine arts than fine foods then the Artis-Naples and Opera Naples offers up a veritable feast of emotionally stimulating art to satisfy all of the senses.

If you prefer to reconnect with nature, Naples has many national parks that are passionate about restoring some of the world’s most stunning wildlife.

And why not cap it all off with a walk down Naples Pier, where dolphins play and the sun sets on yet another beautiful day in Florida’s most relaxing city.

Safer neighborhoods

As one of the safest areas of Florida, Naples brings to mind the old neighborhoods of the past, where you felt secure and protected where you lived. The gated areas and strong but friendly neighborhood security measures make this the perfect place for you and your loved ones to simply enjoy life without the worry about your safety.

Great schools

Naples knows how to look after the residents of today and tomorrow, boasting some of Florida’s best schools. Consistently ranked highly, the public and private educational opportunities of Naples are second to none. Perfect for children adjusting to new areas, or homeowners looking to start a family.

A true sense of community

Life on the waterfront offers the opportunities of big industrial city living with the added luxury of a quiet, calm, and friendly community atmosphere. It’s often said that in the race to make our homes, careers, and goals as good as they possibly can be, we’ve lost that human touch that once made living in a community so special.

In Naples, new homeowners are quickly learning that if you find the right place to live, you can finally have both.

Jeff Campbell