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Diamond OG Strain

Diamond og strain is a feminized strain that exhibits true hybrid energy, a delightful earthy tart taste, gives an invigorating buzz, and for all this at a very low price. A great combination of genetics – Indica 40% and Sativa 60%, which takes less than 8-9 weeks to bloom. Represents a low-profile plant that is best suited for growers who have unprepared soil to grow, As well as beginner growers.

The most “precious” cannabinoids found in marijuana are CBD and THC, which have opposite effects on the body.

  • CBD is cannabidiol, which is rich in Indica. This compound is soothing and relaxing, for which it is highly valued for medical purposes.
  • THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, which has an intoxicating effect. It is rich in Sativa. It is the presence of this cannabinoid that confuses the public when the question of marijuana legalization is raised. The high THC content stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for mental and physical activity, has a temporary anesthetic effect, arouses appetite, and afterward promotes a sound, healthy sleep. You can buy weed online and cope with stress and anxiety, and fight panic attacks and alcohol and drug withdrawals.

Diamond og strain peculiarities

This is a pure Sativa-dominant hybrid with genetics that include Diamond OG. This strain has a smooth smoke, pleasant blueberry flavor, and clear cerebral calming effects. The stiff, compact inflorescences have emerald green and purple hues. They are loaded with bright white trichomes and dark orange hairs that give Diamond a special appeal.

Were it not for this inflorescence structure, this variety could be confused with the Girl Scout Cookies variety based on appearance alone. Due to its pedigree, the Diamond variety affects the mind more than the body. A short session allows you to relax after a long day and leave any unhappiness behind.

It is worth noting that the plant does not have the strongest effect, but guarantees a relaxing result. Such a progressive method of cultivation as ScrOG is practiced by many growers, seeking to increase productivity. This technique promotes the horizontal development of the plant, resulting in new shoots. The bushes can be placed to use the entire available area. Farmers also prefer this method because it is economical. Even a grower on a tight budget can get a big bang for their buck in the end.

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Jeff Campbell