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Fruit – Slots for All Times

Fruit slots are a classic slot machine solution found not only on the top slot site, but also in land-based casinos. In this article, we’ll take a look at their features.

The slot machines have been offering players jackpots and big payouts for over a hundred years. They appeared almost immediately after the first machine was invented, and fruit machines are still incredibly popular. Fruit machines are in the collection of every well-known developer, so the user really has a lot to choose from. And all because players fell in love with fruit symbols so much that it has survived the transition to the online mode, and now the slot machine classic style remains the most popular.

It has to be said that the fruit theme started as early as the first slot machines, which allowed you to win chewing gum in a variety of flavours, of course, fruity ones.

The most popular fruit slots

Everyone is known to fruit slots, as they are the most popular in all online casinos. This is not surprising, as the games are very colourful, which attracts the attention of users. Their feature is simple 2D graphics devoid of 3D effects and animations. High popularity is due to fast play, rules that even a child can understand, big winnings and numerous bonuses.

The best fruit slot machines have been created by Novomatic, what’s worth at least Sizzling Hot, which you can play not only for money, but also for free and in the mobile version, which allows you to enjoy popular fruit machines anywhere, most importantly have access to the Internet. The next most popular slot machines worth mentioning are:

  • Fruit Cocktail;
  • Pharaoh’s Gold;
  • Oliver’s Bar;
  • Allways Hot;
  • Wealth of India;
  • Resident;
  • Magic Money;
  • Slot-o-Pool;
  • Lady Lee’s Charm;
  • Dolphin Pearls;
  • Queen of Hearts;
  • Aztec Gold.

Features of the online versions

Basically, the online versions are the same classic land-based slot machines. They have retained the easy rules, but the graphics have been made more appealing. Of course, there are also differences:

  • the presence of five rather than three paylines;
  • a larger selection of fruits;
  • more benefits; 
  • more winnings due to lower maintenance costs compared to a land-based institution.

When playing online, you don’t have to worry about dressing up or getting caught in the rain on the way to the casino. In addition, land-based venues often have queues for your favourite slot machines.

With the current variety of fruit slots, everyone can find one that suits them best. And the free slots that are available everywhere will help you choose the right one. It is important to note the large jackpots and promotions, thanks to which new millionaires are regularly born. For example, Avtomat na Denigi organises new promotions every week, offering hundreds of free spins, including slots such as Sizzling Hot.

All these features make fruit slots ideal for newcomers who have just looked into the casino and want to get a feel for what’s what. It really is a wonderful and surprising world that will show that gambling is fun.


Jeff Campbell