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The Essentials Apps That All Day Traders Need For Effective Day Trading

The advent of smartphones has revolutionized the trading experience. From your couch, you can now trade with the world’s most prominent brokers in real-time.

With the competition being fierce among day trading apps, you must ensure that you choose a trading tool that has a few must-have features. These include – low cost, security, reliability, and ease-of-use of the app.

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But day trading wouldn’t be possible with just the trading app, especially if you want to make a living out of it. For this reason, we have curated a list of additional apps that you need to have installed on your smartphone for successful trading. But you can also check out

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Yahoo Finance

Known as the most reputed source for day trade information, the Yahoo Finance app is a good choice for financial market information. The app allows you to track personal portfolios and provides open access to real-time stock data. You can also follow up to 100 different cryptocurrencies and learn how to trade e mini futures.

Available for both iPhone and Android, you can create a watchlist and receive personalized quotes and up-to-the-minute news about the companies and day trade stocks you follow.

With the app’s full-screen landscape mode, you can also compare different stock options. The app offers insights into bonds, equities, commodities, and world markets.


One of the best features of StockTwits is the access to market chat. StockTwits comes with a unique social app option, allowing you to chat with traders and investors, thus guiding you to gauge your market decisions.

Furthermore, the app also provides a comprehensive cryptocurrency section and an earnings calendar. The app’s special trending list also helps you to view popular stocks and top traders and investors.

This app is a gateway to track trade stocks worldwide. offers charts and live quotes for over 100,000 different stocks from more than 70 different global exchanges.

The economic calendar is one of the most popular features of this app, which helps users to view global economic events and their impact on specific stocks and markets.

You can also receive personalized notifications for percentage changes, volume, and stock prices.

Real-Time Stock Tracker

Suited to its name, the app offers live streaming of stock information. Users also benefit from the variety of watchlists and stock portfolios on the app. For each stock, the app provides a detailed analysis of its technical indicators, among others.

With the app’s stock scanner, users can access personalized variables such as market cap, EPS, and price to find the best stock suited for you.

Staying updated and informed about stock trading and investing stimulates reaction time in the trading business, this is eventually responsible for making or breaking an investor. The following news apps are, therefore, worth the download for up-to-date market news. Its unique features will help you make sound trading decisions –


The app offers access to any company’s latest information on stock exchanges, along with global financial news and market data. The app, available on iPhone and Android, helps users to filter market data specific to regions or sectors. It also provides users with proprietary portfolio tools. You can create a customized watchlist of companies and stocks you prefer. The feature further allows you to track investments and other securities.

Furthermore, with Bloomberg, you can gain access to articles written by award-winning business and financial journalists.


CNBC – NBC’s flagship financial news app offers an array of information on businesses, financial news, and market data. With the app, you can also view real-time stock market quotes along with a wide range of charts.

Furthermore, you can also watch full episodes of CNBC shows such as American Greed and Mad Money.

The Street App

The Street is available on both iPhone and Android. This app offers effective insights into technical analyses and actionable data, in addition to the latest market news, commentaries, and opinions.

With the app’s proprietary stock rating model – TheStreetRatings, you will also receive in-depth quotes and analysis of stocks. The app provides users with an insightful multimedia financial experience through a surfeit of articles, videos, and data.

Fox Business App

This app is the best option for users to stay abreast of news from the constantly changing financial world. Along with timely financial alerts, the app also tracks trading markets. Among its salient features, Fox Business App allows users to search stocks by ticker symbol and helps create watchlists by allowing you to add stocks on the app’s ‘My Stocks’ page.

Subscribers also have open access to trending market data through live Fox business broadcasts and Fox Business Network shows.

You can also share and repost articles and videos to your social media outlets from your Fox Business App.

Barron’s App

Barron’s is a reputed investing news magazine offering a plethora of information on financial analysis both in print and through its mobile app, available on iPhone and Android. The mobile app allows subscribers access to its articles on the stock market. Additionally, you can also use Barron’s online edition to your utmost benefit. It is available seven days a week and has an analysis for every weekday.

Barron’s also allows users to save articles on the mobile app and access them on the official website. A month’s subscription to Barron’s Online is around $14.99.

SeekingAlpha Portfolio App

This app is available to users on a premium basis for free. Considered as one of the top-notch sources for stock news in the trading industry, SeekingAlpha is available on both iPhone and Android.

The app offers detailed insights into publicly traded stocks and managed funds. Furthermore, you also receive stock alerts throughout the day from companies and funds you follow.

MarketWatch App

With this app, you can access trending market news and financial data. The app’s tool further also allows users to create a watchlist and track stock picks of your choice.

The Wall Street Journal App

Considered as one of the pioneering sources of financial information, the Wall Street Journal is available on both iPhone and Android. It allows you to customize stock information and trade news as per your preferences.


With these apps installed on your phone, you would be aware of the trends in the market. These apps would allow you to be in a better, more aware position to make decisions on investments.

Jeff Campbell