Making New Year’s Resolutions as a Family (4 Sports to Improve your Health)

Another year is nearly over and more New Year’s Resolutions are going to be made, but how many of them will we actually stick to? One of the most popular promises has to be to get fit in the new year. Why not get the whole family involved, with more people looking to make a change you might be less likely to shy away from doing the physical activity.

This could also be a fun way to not only get fit but spend some quality time with the family! There are many physical activities that can help to improve your family’s health and a few of them have been put together for you to take a look at below.


Cycling can be a great way to spend some quality time with the family and is a healthy exercise for you and your loved ones.

Work, school and family life can take up a lot of our time, so why not incorporate cycling into your family life? When cycling with family members you might not even notice you are working out and can be burning over 500 calories an hour.

Some of the key benefits of riding a bike can reduce stress levels, produces an opportunity to take in your surroundings, helps to keep parents and children active, and most importantly it can have a positive effect on the planet by helping to mitigate CO2 emissions from road traffic.

And no lifts will be required from parents which is an all-around win!


If you used to be a dab hand on the green then getting back into golf might be the New Year’s resolution you need. It may also be the excuse you need to dig out the under armour golf gloves that you had last Christmas when it was your new favorite hobby.

Get the blood pumping around your body whilst you carry everyone’s golf clubs around the course. The entire family will see a positive effect from walking the 18-holes unless of course, you cheat and jump on a golf buggy.

This sport will also help to reduce stress and anxiety whilst giving you the pleasure of walking around in the fresh air.

This is more of a low-impact activity but do not underestimate the power of the swing as you will still burn many calories when playing a round of golf with family and friends.

It’s a nice way to be sociable, competitive and can also please the less sporty type of people who prefer to check out the spa at the local golf resort.


Swimming is a full-body workout and targets all of the bodies muscles.

Try this as a fun way to maintain a positive outlook, de-stress from everyday worries and stay fit and healthy. Do it with the family and it’s even more fun! Swimming not only burns all those chocolate bars but can provide challenges and rewards to children (and adults).

It can help build your child’s confidence and give them the chance to make new friends. All in all, it is a great way to keep everyone healthy and improve strength and flexibility.


Lastly, the most simple of the four sports you can do to improve your health, walking. Walking is the perfect way to clear the mind, take in nature and again limits pollution by leaving your car at home. The family dog can even get involved with this one.

A family hiking trip or brisk afternoon walk is a fantastic way to increase your cardiovascular fitness. Walking is one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier, and it’s totally free!

Hopefully, these sporting tips help you to take the right steps to improve your health in the new year until then enjoy the festive season!

Jeff Campbell

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