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How Much Drinking Is Too Much? What You Need to Know

For better or for worse, alcohol is a big part of our culture and society. Whether it’s a nice craft brew, an after-work cocktail hour, developing your wind palate or enjoying plenty of beers at a sports tailgate, everyone has their drink and drink practice of choice.

This is great in moderation and can create lots of bonding experiences with people that you love.

But how much drinking is too much?

There definitely comes a point in which the amount a person drinks is either immediately harmful, or harmful to their health and wellness over time. Consider these tips below to learn more about

How Much Drinking is Too Much?

When you’re trying to figure out how much drinking is too much, it’s always important to think about different factors. Here are some of the main things you need to know:

1. Know the Legal Parameters

Of course, you need to stay within legal limits to make sure you don’t get charged or arrested.

The blood alcohol limit for drinking and driving is .08 percent in most states. Each state also has different procedures for measuring these levels, and different penalties and obligations for drivers that are charged.

Understand what constitutes public intoxication charges as well to make sure you’re avoiding problems.

2. Consider the Way You’re Pacing Your Drinks Through the Night

It’s important to understand how long alcohol stays in your system so that you have a handle on your blood alcohol content and overall safety. Drinking too many drinks in succession is a big reason that people sometimes experience the “blackout” effect of losing moments or entire hours of memory while drinking.

Knowing that this happened is a scary experience, so make sure that you moderate your alcohol intake to avoid it. The point of too much, too soon is different for everyone, since it depends on metabolism, type of alcohol, body weight, muscle and body fat percentage, what you ate that day, and so many other factors.

3. Think About Your Overall Health and Lifestyle

You should also keep tabs on your alcohol intake from an overall standpoint.

Think about how many drinks you take in each week or month, and why you drink. If you’re drinking habitually or out of frustration or emotional issues, you definitely need to be mindful of this.

Alcohol becomes dangerous when it comes from a light form of recreation to something that is potentially harming you. It’s also important to think about it from a physical health standpoint since alcohol carries a lot of sugar and calories.

You can experience significant health problems to your internal organs when you are drinking too much, too often.

Keep Tabs on Your Personal Alcohol Intake

So how much drinking is too much?

These points will let you self-reflect so that you can consider what amount of alcohol becomes dangerous or unhealthy for you. A lot of this is a case by case decision, but make sure you are always aware of your intake.

Consider this information and stay tuned to our site to learn more about lifestyle, health, entertainment, and business as a whole.

Jeff Campbell